Remove outdated libraries/doc/libraries.xml and libraries/doc/libtable.xml
[ghc.git] / utils /
2007-02-28  Simon MarlowFix #839 (Generate documentation for built-in types...
2007-02-28  Simon MarlowWindows: the .hp file is <prog>.exe.hp
2007-02-07  Kirsten ChevalierLightweight ticky-ticky profiling
2007-02-06  Ian LynaghDon't use compat when compiling utils with stage1
2006-12-21  Alexey RodriguezExtension of testing script to parse PAPI results from...
2007-01-23  Simon MarlowAdd -stdout-binary and -stderr-binary flags to bypass...
2007-01-15  Ian LynaghFix ghc-pkg now showError has been removed
2007-01-09  Simon Marlowexpand $topdir in the output of 'ghc-pkg field'
2007-01-05  Simon Marlowwrap Main.main in GHC.TopHandler.runIOFastExit
2006-12-20  Ian LynaghParse and use ghci nofib output
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghTurn -Wall on
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix more warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix whitespace
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghSilence some warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix more warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghRemove trailing white space
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghDetab
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix thd3
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghSilence some warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghSilence more warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghMore warning fixes
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix more warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghMore warning fixes and some code rejigging
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix more warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghFix some warnings
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghBeautify a bit
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghRemove trailing spaces
2006-12-12  Ian LynaghDetab
2006-10-22  wolfgang.thaller... Support RelocatableReadOnlyData section type in CmmPars...
2006-10-22  wolfgang.thaller... Cast switch scrutinees to W_ in AutoApply.cmm
2006-11-25  Ian LynaghChange a comma to a colon
2006-11-05  Lennart Kolmodinghc-pkg: New command 'check' and made 'list' indicate...
2006-11-17  sof@galois.comEmit .bat version of -inplace script on Windows platforms
2006-11-14  Ian LynaghBe compatible with older C standards
2006-09-29  Ravi Nanavatimultipage_hp2ps
2006-10-27  Simon Marlowremove the *.raw files
2006-10-27  Simon Marlowfix calculation of GC Work for 6.6+
2006-10-19  Ian LynaghRun dos2unix on all the outputs, and don't let it eat...
2006-10-18  Simon Marlowfix build for 6.4.x and 6.6.x
2006-10-16  Simon Marlowremove use of FiniteMap, use Text.Printf
2006-10-16  Simon Marlowfix a regular expression in banner_re
2006-10-14  Samuel BronsonTry to get the right output for nofib-analyse
2006-10-14  Samuel BronsonGet nofib-analyse to build with 6.4 at least...
2006-10-13  Ian LynaghUncomment code to emit a space in place of a '>' in...
2006-09-20  Manuel M T Chakravartyfix bugs, add boolean flag to identify coercion variables
2006-09-18  Simon Marlowadd --force-files, like --force but doesn't allow missi...
2006-09-09  sof@galois.comremove generated files in a 'finally' manner
2006-09-07  Ross Patersonremove __HUGS__ #if's (Hugs uses the standalone version)
2006-09-07  Ian LynaghRemove trailing CRs with sed rather than relying on...
2006-09-05  Ian LynaghStrip trailing CRs when comparing output for nofib...
2006-08-16  Martin Grabmuellernew option -a (append) for hasktags
2006-08-18  Ross Patersonwhitespace cleanup only
2006-08-09  Simon MarlowWhere we use $(GhcHcOpts), also add $(GhcStage1HcOpts)
2006-07-03  Duncan CouttsComplain more loudly if any of the hsc2hs phases fail
2006-08-01  Simon MarlowsavingOldConfig: add Exception.block for extra paranoia
2006-07-29  Ian LynaghRefactor ghc-pkg
2006-07-27  Simon Marlowoops, remove old packages when updating
2006-07-25  Simon MarlowRemove most of the conflict checking and auto-hiding
2006-07-25  Simon Marlowcomment formatting
2006-07-21  Simon MarlowFix broken regex
2006-06-24  Ian LynaghBe lazier in user config creation, and don't fail on...
2006-04-11  simonpj@microsoft.comOmit lndir on Windows, as it used to be
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree