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2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesFix Trac #9815
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesRemove TcMType from compiler_stage2_dll0_MODULES
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesFix a latent promotion bug in TcSimplify.simplifyInfer
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesMake the on-the-fly unifier defer forall/forall unification
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesPut the decision of when a unification variable can...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesImplement full co/contra-variant subsumption checking...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesMove all the zonk/tidy stuff together into TcMType...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesRejig builders for pattern synonyms, especially unlifte...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-11-21  Joachim BreitnerRewrite Note [Deriving any class]
2014-11-21  Luke IanniniRevert change to alias handling in ppLlvmGlobal introdu...
2014-11-21  Jose Pedro MagalhaesImplement #5462 (deriving clause for arbitrary classes)
2014-11-21  Eric SeidelAdd flag `-fwarn-missing-exported-sigs`
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9209, by reporting an error instead of panicking...
2014-11-20  Jan StolarekKill trailing whitespace
2014-11-20  Jan StolarekSplit SynTyCon to SynonymTyCon and FamilyTyCon
2014-11-20  Adam GundryImplement typechecker plugins
2014-11-20  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd support for pattern synonym type signatures.
2014-11-20  Dr. ERDI GergoUpdate shift/reduce conflict number in parser
2014-11-20  Luite StegemanMake calling conventions in template haskell Syntax...
2014-11-20  Mike Izbickighc generates more user-friendly error messages
2014-11-19  Luke Ianniniarm64: 64bit iOS and SMP support (#7942)
2014-11-19  Carlos Tomécompiler/main: fixes #9776
2014-11-19  Luite Stegemanuse correct word size for shiftRightLogical and removeOp32
2014-11-19  Greg Webermake TcRnMonad.lhs respect -ddump-to-file
2014-11-19  Moritz AngermannAllow -dead_strip linking on platforms with .subsection...
2014-11-19  David FeuerTurn CoreWriter into a newtype; fix comment
2014-11-19  David FeuerImplement new Foldable methods for HsPatSynDetails
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaRefactor: use System.FilePath.splitSearchPath
2014-11-19  Edward Z. YangSupport for "with" renaming syntax, and output a featur...
2014-11-19  Edward Z. YangWhen outputting list of available instances, sort it.
2014-11-18  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-11-18  Sebastian DrögeFix detection of GNU gold linker if invoked via gcc...
2014-11-18  Peter WortmannDisable AVX for LLVM 3.2 by default (#9391)
2014-11-18  Bertram FelgenhauerUpdate comment about C helper for foreign exports ...
2014-11-18  Mateusz KowalczykOutputable instance for IfaceVectInfo
2014-11-18  Mateusz KowalczykWhitespace only
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangAdd a note why tcGetInstEnvs is duplicated.
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangRemove optimized package lookup, simplifying code.
2014-11-18  Alan ZimmermanAdding dedicated Show instances for SrcSpan/SrcLoc
2014-11-18  Edward Z. YangDocs only
2014-11-15  Edward Z. YangGeneralize exposed-modules field in installed package...
2014-11-14  Austin SeippPartially revert 475dd93efa
2014-11-13  Dr. ERDI GergoWhen calling the success continuation of a matcher...
2014-11-13  Dr. ERDI GergonlHsTyApps: for applying a function both on type- and...
2014-11-13  Dr. ERDI GergoApply compulsory unfoldings during desugaring, except...
2014-11-13  Dr. ERDI GergoIf pattern synonym is bidirectional and its type is...
2014-11-13  Dr. ERDI GergoFix typo in panic message
2014-11-13  David TereiAdd `--fwarn-trustworthy-safe` to `-Wall`
2014-11-13  David TereiAdd in `-fwarn-trustworthy-safe` flag.
2014-11-13  David TereiRemove a stray Trustworthy flag in ghc.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9404 by removing tcInfExpr.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9788 by giving `coerce` the right type.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9204 by outputting extra info on boot file mismatch.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9064 by adding support for generic default signatu...
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #8100, by adding StandaloneDerivD to TH's Dec type.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergRemove unboxed Int# fields from NameFlavour (#9527)
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9066.
2014-11-12  Simon MarlowPer-thread allocation counters and limits
2014-11-12  Herbert Valerio... Implement new integer-gmp2 from scratch (re #9281)
2014-11-11  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-11-11  Simon Peyton JonesComments only (on recursive dictionaries)
2014-11-08  Dr. ERDI GergoGroup PatSyn req/prov arguments together so that they...
2014-11-08  Dr. ERDI GergoIn pattern synonym matchers, support unboxed continuati...
2014-11-07  Edward Z. YangMiscellaneous documentation for the Finder.
2014-11-07  Edward Z. YangTypofix.
2014-11-07  Yuri de Witsmall parser/lexer cleanup
2014-11-07  David FeuerImprove Applicative definitions
2014-11-06  David TereiWarn for Safe Haskell when -XOverlappingInstances or
2014-11-06  David TereiBetter error messages for new per-instance overlap...
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor the code that prevents recursion among Coercib...
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesWibbles to notes
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesAllow the solved dictionaries to propagate from outside in
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesMinor refacoring and trace-message printing
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesSwitch off lazy flattening (fix Trac #3064)
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesComments and white space only
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesMake tyConsOfType return a (NameEnv TyCon) rather than...
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesRemove unused tyConsOfDataCon
2014-11-06  Simon Peyton JonesMove expansion of 'assert' from renamer to typechecker
2014-11-06  Jan StolarekUpdate User's Guide, cleanup DynFlags
2014-11-06  Jan StolarekRemove -ddump-core-pipeline flag
2014-11-06  Jan StolarekRemove -ddump-simpl-phases flag
2014-11-05  Simon MarlowFix a couple of bugs in the way info tables are generat...
2014-11-05  David FeuerRemove redundant contexts from Foldable methods
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesA little refactoring of HsSplice and friends
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesSimon's major commit to re-engineer the constraint...
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesAdd flattening-notes
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesFix the superclass-cycle detection code (Trac #9739)
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesAdd comments explaining ProbOneShot
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesImprove error message for a handwritten Typeable instance
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesDefine ctEvLoc and ctEvCoercion, and use them
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesMinor refactoring (no change in functionality)
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesDon't filter out allegedly-irrelevant bindings with...
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesOnly report "could not deduce s~t from ..." for givens...
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesWhen reporting the context of given constraints, stop...
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesTypechecker debug tracing only
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesNormalise the type of an inferred let-binding
2014-11-04  Simon Peyton JonesGet the Untouchables level right in simplifyInfer