hadrian: eliminate most of the remaining big rule enumerations
[ghc.git] / rts / rts.cabal.in
2018-12-04  Alec TheriaultHadrian: include 'findPtr' via find-ptr cabal flag
2018-11-29  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: bump Cabal submodule, install extra dynamic...
2018-11-22  Alp Mestanogullarirts.cabal.in: force inclusion of findPtr/_findPtr symbo...
2018-10-23  Ben GamariAdd 'hadrian/' from commit '45f3bff7016a2a0cd9a5455a882...
2018-10-02  Alp Mestanogullarirts.cabal.in: add more flags to control the extra flavo...
2018-09-11  Alp Mestanogullarirts.cabal.in: advertise new default profiling ways...
2018-08-29  David FeuerFinish stable split
2018-06-14  Ben GamariRevert "rts: Don't keep findPtr symbol alive if not...
2018-06-14  Ben Gamarirts: Don't keep findPtr symbol alive if not -DDEBUG
2018-05-20  Patrick DoughertyAdd HeapView functionality
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowForce findPtr to be included in the binary
2018-05-15  Ben GamariEnsure that RTS cabal file reflects dependency on libnuma
2018-05-14  Sergei Trofimovichrts: export new absentSumFieldError from base
2018-04-13  Andrey MokhovFix rts.cabal.in
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRemove fs files from rts install-includes.
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRevert "Remove fs files from rts install-includes."
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRemove fs files from rts install-includes.
2018-03-31  Tamar ChristinaRemove MAX_PATH restrictions from RTS, I/O manager...
2018-02-15  Alp Mestanogullarirts.cabal.in: advertise profiling flavours of libraries...
2018-02-15  Moritz AngermannUpdate .cabal files for Cabal 2.1
2018-02-15  Moritz AngermannAdds `smp` flag to rts.cabal.
2017-12-05  Sergei Trofimovichrts: fix filename case for mingw32 target
2017-11-22  Ben GamariUpdate Hadrian
2017-11-18  Moritz AngermannFix rts.cabal.in
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovPull recent Hadrian changes from upstream
2017-11-15  Moritz AngermannAdds rts/rts.cabal.in file