FIX #2164: check for ThreadRelocated in isAlive()
[ghc.git] / rts / Linker.c
2008-06-14  Ian LynaghFix conversions between Double/Float and simple-integer
2008-05-28  dias@eecs.harvard.eduwhen linking, ignore unknown .reloc section that appear...
2008-04-17  Ian LynaghAdd some more generic (en|de)code(Double|Float) code
2008-04-09  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (bootstrap with -fvia-C): prototype fixes
2008-04-08  Simon MarlowImport libffi-3.0.4, and use it to provide FFI support...
2008-04-02  Simon MarlowDo not #include external header files when compiling...
2008-01-01  Clemens FruhwirthLink libgmp.a statically into libHSrts.dll on Windows
2007-11-20  Simon MarlowMove file locking into the RTS, fixing #629, #1109
2007-10-18  Simon Marlowadd PIC relocations for x86_64, and use a simpler hack...
2007-10-19  Simon MarlowFIX #1784: EM_AMD64 and EM_X86_64 might both be defined...
2007-10-11  Simon MarlowAdd a proper write barrier for MVars
2007-10-09  Simon Marlowexport n_capabilities, see #1733
2007-10-05  Thorkil NaurFIX validate for PPC Mac OS X - Linker.c
2007-09-27  jochemberndsen@dse.nlFIX BUILD addDLL returns const char*
2007-09-16  Don Stewartadd support for EM_AMD64 elf machine type, openbsd...
2007-09-16  Don Stewartpatch Linker.c for amd64/openbsd
2007-09-12  Simon Marlowexport stopTimer(), we need this in the unix package
2007-09-05  Roman LeshchinskiyUse dlsym on OS X if available
2007-09-03  Simon MarlowFIX #1648: rts_mkWord64 was missing
2007-08-23  Simon MarlowFIX #1626: needed to export hs_hpc_rootModule
2007-08-08  Clemens FruhwirthAdd R_X86_64_PC64 relocation support to the Linker
2007-08-08  Clemens FruhwirthBuild RTS as dynamic library
2007-08-06  Clemens FruhwirthIntroduce new class for external symbols in Linker...
2007-07-17  Ian LynaghImplement the RTS side of GHC.Environment.getFullArgs
2007-05-31  Simon MarlowFIX: loading package ghc in GHCi (added a couple of...
2007-05-16  Simon Marlowlater mingw runtimes have gettimeofday, it seems
2007-05-15  Simon MarlowGHCi debugger: new flag -fbreak-on-exception
2007-05-11  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD: revert accidentally-committed patch
2007-05-10  Simon MarlowFIX: loading the ghc package under GHCi
2007-04-17  Simon MarlowRe-working of the breakpoint support
2007-04-12  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86_64 linker support
2007-04-12  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin Linker: Do not add local symbols to lochash
2007-04-12  wolfgang.thaller... Handle Weak Definitions in the Darwin Linker
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowadd noDuplicatezh_fast to symbol table
2007-02-28  Simon MarlowRemove vectored returns.
2007-02-20  bjpop@csse.unimelb... Constructor names in info tables
2007-01-31  Ian LynaghFix typo causing the PowerPC OS X build to fail
2007-01-28  Ian LynaghFix GHCi on PowerPC OS X
2006-12-11  Pepe IborraToggle whether the RTS gets build with debugger support...
2006-12-11  Pepe IborraAdjust code from manual merges
2006-12-10  Pepe IborraRetrieving the datacon of an arbitrary closure
2006-12-13  andy@galois.comfixing obvious typo in darwin_HOST_OS code (currently...
2006-12-12  Simon MarlowMERGE: Fix Windows DEP violations (bug #885)
2006-12-04  Simon Marlowfix Windows GHCi
2006-11-24  sven.panne@aedion.deWarning police: Removed unused variable
2006-11-21  LemmihRemove the concept of stableRoots.
2006-11-21  wolfgang.thaller... Fix printf$LDBLStub workaround for Darwin
2006-11-15  Simon Marlowremove unused includes, now that Storage.h & Stable...
2006-10-24  Simon MarlowSplit GC.c, and move storage manager into sm/ directory
2006-10-07  tharris@microsoft.comSTM invariants
2006-09-29  brianlsmith@gmail.comRemove casts from lvalues to allow compilation under...
2006-09-21  Don StewartUse --export-dynamic to ensure ghci works on newer...
2006-08-23  Esa Ilari VuokkoAdd shared Typeable support
2006-08-23  Esa Ilari VuokkoIgnore sections generated from .ident
2006-06-07  Simon Marlowwarning fix
2006-05-30  simonmar@microsoft.comWin32: add _imp__tzname
2006-05-30  Simon Marlowreplace stgMallocBytesRWX() with our own allocator
2006-05-16  Duncan CouttsLet GHCi work with with Sparc32+/V8+ .o files
2006-04-26  LemmihDon't init root pointers if they aren't gonna be used.
2006-04-18  LemmihExport 'insertSymbol' and 'insertStableSymbol'.
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree