getExecutablePath: get path from sysctl on FreeBSD
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2019-06-30  Artem Pelenitsyntypo in the docs for DynFlags.hs
2019-06-27  Ben GamariDisable automatic use of -fobject-code due to #16876
2019-06-26  Ben GamariDon't eta-expand unsaturated primops
2019-06-26  Ben GamariCoreToStg: Enable CAFfyness checking with -dstg-lint
2019-06-25  Erik de Castro LopoFixes for LLVM 7
2019-06-25  Ben Gamarighci: Load static objects in batches
2019-06-25  Ben Gamarighci: Don't rely on resolution of System.IO to base...
2019-06-25  Richard EisenbergGHCi support for levity-polymorphic join points
2019-06-24  Ömer Sinan AğacanProperly trim IdInfos of DFunIds and PatSyns in TidyPgm
2019-06-24  Ryan ScottSynchronize ClsInst.doTyConApp with TcTypeable validity...
2019-06-24  Ben GamariSafeHaskell: Don't throw -Wsafe warning if module is...
2019-06-24  Aiken CairncrossFix typo in error message
2019-06-24  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix missing unboxed tuple RuntimeReps (#16565)
2019-06-24  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc32: fix stack allocation code generation
2019-06-24  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc32: fix 64-bit comparison (#16465)
2019-06-23  Zejun WuPass preprocessor options to C compiler when building...
2019-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesAdd a missing update of sc_hole_ty (#16312)
2019-06-23  Michael Peyton JonesVisibility: handle multiple units with the same name
2019-06-21  Ben GamariMerge branch 'wip/backport-MR951' into wip/ghc-8.8...
2019-06-19  Richard EisenbergFix #16517 by bumping the TcLevel for method sigs
2019-06-19  Simon Peyton JonesFail fast in solveLocalEqualities
2019-06-16  Ben GamariEmit GHC timing events to eventlog
2019-06-16  Ben GamariErrUtils: Emit progress messages to eventlog
2019-06-15  Ben GamariPrelRules: Don't break let/app invariant in shiftRule wip/backport-T16742
2019-06-04  Ben GamariFix ghc-in-ghci
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch '8.8-haddock-release' of gitlab.haskell...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariAdd missing import
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch 'hiefile-header-8.8' of https://gitlab...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch 'wip/8-8-ghci' of
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch 'cherry-pick-e172a6d1' of gitlab.haskell...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch 'wip/backport-ecc9366a0e0db107c28693513083...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge branch 'hie-backports-8.8' of https://gitlab...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'osa1/port_16449_ghc_8_8...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cherry-pick-43a43a...
2019-06-04  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'osa1/backport_t16066...
2019-06-04  Michael SloanUse datatype for unboxed returns when loading ghc into... wip/8-8-ghci
2019-06-04  Michael SloanRemove unnecessary uses of UnboxedTuples pragma (see...
2019-06-04  Michael SloanAdd PlainPanic for throwing exceptions without dependin...
2019-06-04  Michael SloanHave GHCi use object code for UnboxedTuples modules...
2019-06-04  Zubin DuggalMake header human readable
2019-06-04  Zubin DuggalFix and enforce validation of header for .hie files
2019-06-04  Krzysztof GogolewskiHandle hs-boot files in -Wmissing-home-modules (#16551) cherry-pick-43a43a33
2019-06-04  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix arity type of coerced types in CoreArity
2019-06-04  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix rewriting invalid shifts to errors
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberImprove targetContents code docs
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberAdd depanalPartial to make getting a partial modgraph...
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberCatch preprocessor errors in downsweep
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberMake downsweep return all errors per-module instead...
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberRefactor summarise{File,Module} to extract checkSummary...
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberRefactor summarise{File,Module} to reduce code duplication
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberRefactor downsweep to allow returning multiple errors...
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberMove throwErrors to HscTypes
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberExport GhcMake.downsweep
2019-06-04  Daniel Gröberdownsweep: Allow TargetFile not to exist when a buffer...
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberAllow using tagetContents for modules needing preprocessing
2019-06-04  Daniel GröberAdd hPutStringBuffer utility
2019-06-04  Alp MestanogullariEnable external interpreter when TH is requested but... cherry-pick-e172a6d1
2019-06-03  Vladislav ZavialovFix optSemi type in Parser.y
2019-04-09  Ryan ScottUse funPrec, not topPrec, to parenthesize GADT argument...
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... base: Remove `Monad(fail)` method and reexport `MonadFa...
2019-04-01  Edward Z. YangFix #16219: TemplateHaskell causes indefinite package... cherry-pick-d6d735c1
2019-03-21  Vladislav ZavialovDot/bang operators in export lists (Trac #16339)
2019-03-21  Vladislav Zavialov'forall' always a keyword, plus the dot type operator
2019-03-13  Peter TrommlerCmm: Promote stack arguments to word size
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: parens anns discarded for `(*)` operator wip/ghc-8.8-az
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: AnnAt disconnected for TYPEAPP
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: more explicit foralls fixup
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: Parens not attached correctly for...
2019-02-26  Alan ZimmermanLexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual not virtual...
2019-02-26  Ben GamariRevert "Lexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual...
2019-02-25  Alec TheriaultProperly escape character literals in Haddocks
2019-02-20  Richard EisenbergFix #16188
2019-02-20  klebinger.andreas... Allow resizing the stack for the graph allocator.
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringCapture and simplify constraints arising from running...
2019-02-20  Richard EisenbergFix #14729 by making the normaliser homogeneous
2019-02-20  nineonineFix #15849 by checking whether there's a do block
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottUse sigPrec in more places in Convert and HsUtils
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottReject oversaturated VKAs in type family equations
2019-02-20  Alan ZimmermanLexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual not virtual...
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottFix #16287 by checking for more unsaturated synonym...
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringHIE: Save module name and module exports
2019-02-20  Alec TheriaultInclude type info for only some exprs in HIE files
2019-02-20  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Promote integers to word size in C calls
2019-02-20  Ben GamariGhcPlugins: Fix lookup of TH names
2019-02-20  Gabor GreifMinor refactor [ci skip]
2019-02-20  Gabor GreifA few typofixes
2019-02-20  Alec TheriaultError out of invalid Int/Word bit shifts
2019-02-20  Simon Peyton JonesFix bogus worker for newtypes
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringFix typo in TcRnTypes.hs [skip ci]
2019-02-20  Sylvain HenryAdd support for ASM foreign files (.s) in TH (#16180)
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringRemove TODO in HsExpr
2019-02-20  Chaitanya KoparkarMention DerivingStrategies in the warning when DAC...
2019-02-19  Alec TheriaultUphold AvailTC Invariant for associated data fams
2019-01-18  Herbert Valerio... Prepare source-tree for base-4.13 MFP bump
2019-01-18  Matthew PickeringFix typo in DsExpr
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton JonesSmall refactor
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton JonesRemove export of checkValidFamPats, never used
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton JonesComments about data constructor wrappers
2019-01-17  Alec Theriault'DynFlag'-free version of 'mkParserFlags'
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Rename constructors