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2014-12-16  Herbert Valerio... *Really* Re-Update Haddock submodule
2014-12-15  Thomas WinantFix panic on [t| _ |] (Trac #9879)
2014-12-15  Carter Tazio SchonwaldChanging prefetch primops to have a `seq`-like interface
2014-12-15  Simon Peyton JonesPattern-synonym matcher and builder Ids must be *LocalIds*
2014-12-14  Herbert Valerio... Fixup bad haddock.base perf-num bump in 0c9c2d89
2014-12-14  Herbert Valerio... Re-Update Haddock submodule to latest `master` tip
2014-12-14  Herbert Valerio... Revert "Update Haddock submodule to latest `master...
2014-12-14  Herbert Valerio... Update Haddock submodule to latest `master` tip
2014-12-12  Richard EisenbergRewrite `Coercible` solver
2014-12-11  Simon Peyton Jones32-bit performance changes following constraint solver...
2014-12-11  Simon Peyton JonesFix an obscure but terrible bug in the simplifier ...
2014-12-11  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9090
2014-12-11  Simon Peyton JonesAdd a third test variant to Trac #9872
2014-12-10  Simon Peyton JonesTests for Trac #9872
2014-12-10  Simon Peyton JonesTestsuite wibbles from constraint-solver improvements
2014-12-10  Simon Peyton JonesReorganise the work list, so that flattening goals...
2014-12-10  Edward Z. YangOnly run subsections_via_symbols test when LLVM is...
2014-12-10  Edward Z. YangAdd proper expected output for T5435_dyn_asm on Darwin
2014-12-10  Yuras Shumovichfix misleading error message regarding function arity
2014-12-10  Facundo DomínguezImplement -XStaticValues
2014-12-08  Gabor Greifcatch some recent typos
2014-12-08  Simon Peyton JonesRevise the inert-set invariants again
2014-12-06  Edward Z. YangPortability: wc -l sometimes has leading spaces, trim...
2014-12-06  Carlos Tomérenamer: fix trac issue #9778
2014-12-05  Simon MarlowDisable T8124 on Windows (uses pthreads)
2014-12-05  Simon MarlowRevert "Revert "Add purgeObj() to remove the symbol...
2014-12-05  Simon MarlowRevert "Revert "Make the linker API thread-safe""
2014-12-03  Joachim BreitnerMake annotations test case cleaning less aggressive
2014-12-03  Simon Peyton JonesUpdate 32-bit performace numbers (has not been done...
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesUnique-ify the names of top-level auxiliary bindings...
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesFix another bug in deriving( Data ) for data families...
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #4921
2014-12-02  Edward Z. YangFix test suite race on T5462 (solves intermittent T5462...
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesRevert "Make the linker API thread-safe"
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesRevert "Add purgeObj() to remove the symbol table entri...
2014-12-02  Simon Peyton JonesUncomment the instance signatures, to activate the...
2014-12-01  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #7908
2014-12-01  Simon Peyton JonesFix the handling of instance signatures (Trac #9582...
2014-11-30  Alan ZimmermanMore Tweaks for API Anotations
2014-11-30  Edward Z. YangFilter instance visibility based on set of visible...
2014-11-29  Herbert Valerio... Reimplement `gcdExtInteger` (#9281)
2014-11-29  Herbert Valerio... Re-implement `recipModInteger` (#9281)
2014-11-29  Herbert Valerio... Re-implement `powModInteger` (#9281)
2014-11-28  Thomas WinantImplement Partial Type Signatures
2014-11-28  Simon Peyton JonesKind variables in RHS of an associated type instances...
2014-11-28  Herbert Valerio... Re-activate `integerGmpInternals` test (#9281)
2014-11-28  Simon MarlowAdd purgeObj() to remove the symbol table entries for...
2014-11-28  Simon MarlowMake the linker API thread-safe
2014-11-28  Simon Peyton JonesTidy up tracing somewhat
2014-11-28  Simon Peyton JonesDon't discard a bang on a newtype pattern (Trac #9844)
2014-11-27  Simon Peyton JonesGet the right fixity-env in standalone deriving (Trac...
2014-11-27  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #7243
2014-11-27  Simon Peyton JonesTrac #6022 is actually fine now
2014-11-27  Simon Peyton JonesDon't require ConstraintKinds at usage sites (Trac...
2014-11-27  Dr. ERDI GergoDon't require PatternSynonyms language extension to...
2014-11-27  Edward Z. YangCabal submodule update: hole support and tests.
2014-11-26  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9834
2014-11-25  Simon MarlowMake clearNursery free
2014-11-24  David TereiMark `Data.Typeable.Internal` as Trustworthy after...
2014-11-24  Richard EisenbergTest #8031 in th/T8031
2014-11-24  Richard EisenbergTest #8044 in typecheck/should_fail/T8044
2014-11-24  Richard EisenbergTest #7643 in typecheck/should_compile/T7643.
2014-11-24  Alan ZimmermanMinor tweaks to API Annotation
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Revert "Test Trac #9318"
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Re-center bytes-allocated for `haddock.compiler`
2014-11-21  Thomas MiedemaDeprecate Data.Version.versionTags (#2496)
2014-11-21  Merijn VerstraatenAdd -fdefer-typed-holes flag which defers hole errors...
2014-11-21  Lennart Kolmodinghc: allow --show-options and --interactive together
2014-11-21  David TereiImprove Safe Haskell bounds for changes to base over...
2014-11-21  Joachim BreitnerAdd T7220a.stderr
2014-11-21  Alan ZimmermanCapture original source for literals
2014-11-21  Muhaimin AhsanFixes ghci :unset -X<ext> so that it doesn't fail to...
2014-11-21  Alan ZimmermanAdd API Annotations
2014-11-21  Alan ZimmermanAST changes to prepare for API annotations, for #9628
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #9824 by not warning about unused matches in patter...
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #9824 in th/T9824
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #1476 by making splice patterns work.
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest that nested pattern splices don't scope (#1476).
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #1476 in th/T1476
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergFix #7484, checking for good binder names in Convert.
2014-11-21  Richard EisenbergTest #7484 in th/T7484
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8149
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesFix Trac #9815
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesWibbles (usually improvements) to error messages
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesTest T2239 actually succeeds without impredicativity...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesFix up tests for Trac #7220; the old test really was...
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9569
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesDelete duplicated tests
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesTrac #9222 is actually an ambiguous type, now detected
2014-11-21  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9318
2014-11-21  Jose Pedro MagalhaesImplement #5462 (deriving clause for arbitrary classes)
2014-11-21  Eric SeidelAdd flag `-fwarn-missing-exported-sigs`
2014-11-21  Herbert Valerio... Hide `Data.OldList` module
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9109 in typecheck/should_fail/T9109
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9201 in typecheck/should_fail/T9201
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9318 in typecheck/should_fail/T9318
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9151 in typecheck/should_compile/T9151.
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9220 by adding role annotations.
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9209, by reporting an error instead of panicking...
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergTest #9209 in th/T9209