Implememt -fdefer-type-errors (Trac #5624)
[ghc.git] / compiler / main / Packages.lhs
2012-01-12  Simon Peyton JonesImplememt -fdefer-type-errors (Trac #5624)
2011-11-22  Simon Marlowmerge
2011-11-10  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-10  Manuel M T ChakravartyRemove the -fdph-* flags
2011-11-10  Manuel M T ChakravartyGHC is now independent of the DPH library structure
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghUse -fwarn-tabs when validating
2011-10-26  Max BolingbrokeVerify that I can still add tabs to a file already...
2011-06-20  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-18  David TereiSafeHaskell: Add new package flags for setting trust
2011-06-10  David WaernMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-10  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-10  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-06-10  Ian LynaghFix parsing "$topdir" in package config
2011-05-26  Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'ghc-generics'
2011-05-26  Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-generics
2011-05-25  Duncan CouttsImplement ${pkgroot} spec, allows relocatable registere...
2011-05-08  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'coloured-core' of
2011-05-04  Simon Peyton JonesMerge commit
2011-04-30  Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-new-co
2011-04-28  Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into monad-comp
2011-04-27  Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of into...
2011-04-27  Ben LippmeierMerge branch 'master' of /Users/benl/devel/ghc/ghc...
2011-04-21  Ian LynaghSplit off a Settings type from DynFlags
2011-01-24  Manuel M T ChakravartyDPH options updated
2010-12-22  simonpj@microsoft.comImplement fuzzy matching for the Finder
2010-10-21  Thomas SchillingFix #4424. Allow `-hide-all-packages` to be set dynami...
2010-10-06  Ian LynaghDon't automatically link the haskell98 package
2010-09-23  Simon Marlowemit a helpful error message for missing DPH packages
2010-09-22  simonpj@microsoft.comFix an ASSERT failure with profiling
2010-09-14  Ian LynaghRemove (most of) the FiniteMap wrapper
2010-05-19  Simon MarlowFix package shadowing order (#4072)
2009-12-03  Ian LynaghTweak layout for alternative layout rule
2009-11-12  Simon MarlowFix bug when the combined package DB has duplicate...
2009-11-04  Simon MarlowFinish #3439: -ticky implies -debug at link time; the...
2009-10-06  Simon MarlowPackages are only shadowed if the InstalledPackageId...
2009-09-18  Simon MarlowFix #3439: -debug implies -ticky, and -ticky code links...
2009-09-17  Simon MarlowAllow -package-id to override the default package shado...
2009-09-11  Simon MarlowRemove the old package.conf parser, use read instead...
2009-09-10  Simon MarlowChange the representation of the package database
2009-09-08  Simon MarlowAdd -package-id, improve package shadowing behaviour...
2009-08-24  Simon MarlowFollow changes in Cabal: package -> sourcePackageId
2009-08-24  Simon Marlowfix an unused-import warning
2009-08-20  Simon MarlowAdd unique package identifiers (InstalledPackageId...
2009-08-20  Simon MarlowMake -dynamic a proper way, so we read the .dyn_hi...
2009-07-09  Ian LynaghRemove maybePrefixMatch, using stripPrefix instead
2009-07-06  simonpj@microsoft.comTrim unused imports detected by new unused-import code
2009-03-26  Ian Lynaghsyb no longer needs to be wired in
2008-10-07  Clemens FruhwirthRevert AutoLinkPackages change for dynamic libraries...
2008-10-03  Clemens FruhwirthNo AutoLinkPackages for dynamic library linking
2008-09-16  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove last traces of package ndp
2008-09-01  Simon MarlowCheck the modification times of libraries in --make...
2008-08-25  Ian Lynaghsyb is now in its own package
2008-08-13  Ian LynaghFollow changes in Cabal
2008-08-05  Simon MarlowAdd -XPackageImports, new syntax for package-qualified...
2008-08-07  Ian LynaghFix errors with haddock 0.8
2008-07-31  Max BolingbrokeDocument Packages and a minor refactoring
2008-07-31  Ian LynaghFollow changes in the base library
2008-07-30  Ian LynaghFollow extensible exception changes
2008-07-24  Simon MarlowDon't prematurely link shared libraries against the...
2008-07-17  Ian LynaghFix some argument names
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghExtend the flag for not automatically linking haskell98
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiyMake dph-seq and dph-par wired-in packages
2008-06-29  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-26  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-18  Ian LynaghMake the wired-in packages code handle ndp mapping...
2008-06-14  Ian LynaghPass dynflags down to loadPackageConfig rather than...
2008-05-10  Ian LynaghFollow changes in Cabal
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in Packages
2008-04-02  Simon MarlowDo not #include external header files when compiling...
2008-03-26  Ian LynaghMake use of the SDoc type synonym
2008-03-25  Ian LynaghFix warnings in main/Packages
2008-03-23  Ian LynaghFollow library changes
2008-02-09  Simon MarlowFIX #2023: substitute for $topdir in haddockInterfaces...
2008-02-08  Simon MarlowRemove some of the old compat stuff now that we assume...
2008-01-23  Simon MarlowFIX #1750: throw out mutually recursive groups of packages
2008-01-17  Isaac Dupreelots of portability changes (#1405)
2008-01-12  Ian LynaghUse System.FilePath
2007-11-03  Ian LynaghMERGED: Define and use $httptopdir for the haddock...
2007-10-03  Simon Marlowrefactoring only: use the parameterised InstalledPackag...
2007-09-26  Clemens FruhwirthRemove current package from preloaded package set
2007-09-04  Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03  Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-01  Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-06-28  Clemens FruhwirthChange package name mangling when linking against DSOs
2007-06-29  Roman LeshchinskiyMake package ndp wired-in
2006-10-06  Simon Marlowremove unused origPkgIdMap field from PackageState
2006-10-06  Simon MarlowCache the package database the first time it is read
2006-10-11  Simon MarlowModule header tidyup #2
2006-09-19  Simon MarlowPackages cleanup, and allow new packages to be loaded...
2006-07-27  Simon Marlowfix some problems with wired-in packages
2006-07-25  Simon MarlowGeneralise Package Support
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree