Improve infrastructure for Cabal file parsing
[ghc.git] / src / Oracles / Flag.hs
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovImprove infrastructure for Cabal file parsing
2017-08-09  Andrey MokhovReplace Config oracle with generic key-value text file...
2017-08-07  Andrey MokhovMove the Config oracle to the library
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor Oracles.
2015-08-22  Andrey MokhovRefactor imports.
2015-08-21  Andrey MokhovClean up, fix -Wall warnings.
2015-08-05  Andrey MokhovRename redError(_) to putError(_).
2015-08-01  Andrey MokhovAdd Base.hs with Shake imports and build paths.
2015-07-26  Andrey MokhovAdd custom settings for compiler and other packages.
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovMigrate all user-configurable settings from system...
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovRefactor oracles, add comments.
2015-07-19  Andrey MokhovRemove Base.hs, move Stage definition to Stage.hs.
2015-07-14  Andrey MokhovRemove unused code from Base and Oracles.
2015-02-09  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-01-17  Andrey MokhovClean up colourisation code.
2015-01-16  Andrey MokhovAdd ShowArg for single string options, clean up code.
2015-01-13  Andrey MokhovAdd options SplitObjectsBroken, GhcUnregisterised,...
2015-01-12  Andrey MokhovClean up.
2015-01-11  Andrey MokhovAdd support for SolarisBrokenShld flag.
2015-01-11  Andrey MokhovAdd an infix version of when (<?>).
2015-01-04  Andrey MokhovRefactor using variadic args.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovMove Condition to Base.hs.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovRemove redundant GHC extensions.
2015-01-01  Andrey MokhovSplit Oracles.hs module into logical parts.