Don't use the dyn way if we're dynamic by default
[ghc.git] / testsuite / config / ghc
2012-10-04  Ian LynaghDon't use the dyn way if we're dynamic by default
2012-10-03  Ian LynaghAdd a -static way, enabled only if dynlibs are used...
2012-10-03  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-10-02  Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into tc...
2012-10-01  David TereiAdd bunch of llvm ways for testing purposes.
2012-07-10  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-06-25  David TereiFix handling of optllvm way
2012-04-13  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-02  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-02-16  David M PeixottoAdd optllvm as allowed way in testsuite
2012-02-16  Simon Marlowadd req_smp
2011-12-06  David TereiFix debugllvm WAY
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-01  Simon Marlowposix009: omit threaded ways
2011-11-29  Simon Marlowdefined prof_ways, threaded_ways and opt_ways automatically
2011-11-17  Ian LynaghDefine the GHC "compiler_always_flags" in make; fixes...
2011-11-15  David Tereicleaning of testsuite
2011-11-07  Simon Marlowonly add -fno-ghci-history if GHC >= 7.3
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowadd an unoptimised profiled way ('prof')
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowprofasm does not require the NCG any more
2011-10-05  Ian LynaghDriver: define config.libdir for tests to use
2011-09-09  Max BolingbrokeMerge branch 'no-pred-ty'
2011-09-05  Ian LynaghDon't clean tests that we aren't running
2011-09-02  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-09-01  Ian LynaghUse -fno-ghci-history when running tests
2011-08-25  Ben LippmeierMerge /Users/benl/devel/testsuite/roldugin/testsuite
2011-08-22  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-21  David TereiFormatting fixes
2011-08-21  David TereiAdd debugllvm target
2011-07-13  Ian LynaghMake and use a req_interp helper
2011-07-06  Simon Marlowremove optllvm from other_ways (it is already automatic...
2011-05-26  Simon Peyton JonesMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into ghc-generics
2011-05-24  Simon Marlowtest +RTS -G1 for the codeGen/should_run tests
2011-05-18  Dimitrios VytiniotisMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-12  Jose Pedro MagalhaesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-11  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-11  Simon Marlow- remove threaded2_qw way, the -qw flag has been a...
2011-03-29  Ian LynaghRemove the optc and profc ways
2010-12-10  Simon Marlowadd a 'threaded1_ls' way, like threaded1 but with ...
2010-12-03  Simon Marlowcope if the compiler doesn't tell us the "Global Packag...
2010-11-14  Ian LynaghAdd a framework test for the package cache file being...
2010-09-25  Ian LynaghFix reading the --info outputs on Windows
2010-09-22  Ian LynaghSkip some more tests when the compiler is profiled
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghAdd an if_compiler_profiled helper
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghRemove some handling for GHC < 6.9
2010-08-23  Simon MarlowEnable the optllvm way if llvmc is found
2010-06-22  David TereiAdd new llvm ways (llvm, optllvm) to testsuite
2010-06-15  Ian LynaghUse -fno-warn-deprecated-flags in the optc and profc...
2010-03-14  Ian LynaghAlways use -rtsopts when compiling things with GHC
2009-12-18  Ian LynaghAllow tests to behave differently depending on whether...
2009-11-04  Simon Marlowadd config.have_shared_libs
2009-10-16  Simon Marlowadd classes of ways: prof_ways and threaded_ways
2009-10-13  Ian LynaghFixes for spaces in paths
2009-09-30  Simon Marlowthe threaded2 way tests event logging too
2009-09-11  Simon MarlowUse +RTS -I0.1 -RTS for ghci tests
2009-08-21  Ian LynaghUse the dynamic way if we have a dynamic RTS
2009-08-19  Simon Marlowadd threaded2_qw way, which is threaded2 with +RTS -qw
2009-07-24  Simon Marlowadd -no-user-package-conf to GHC command lines
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghTell the testsuite driver where hpc is
2009-01-20  Ian LynaghIn older compilers, only try to remove the profthreaded...
2008-11-12  Simon Marlowmake it so that WAY=profthreaded works
2008-06-14  Ian LynaghUse -fforce-recomp rather than -no-recomp
2008-06-03  Simon MarlowPass -dno-debug-output to GHC>=6.9
2008-02-29  Simon Marlowenable profthreaded only for GHC 6.9+
2008-02-28  Simon Marlowadd "profthreaded" as a run way
2008-02-20  Clemens FruhwirthAdd 'dyn' as WAY (different from 'normal' only by ...
2008-02-06  Simon MarlowFind compiler version-specific output files automatically
2007-09-26  Simon MarlowPass -ignore-dot-ghci to GHCi
2007-07-18  Ian LynaghSkip the GHCi debugger tests when unregisterised (trac...
2007-06-27  Simon Marlowadd the profiling ways to config.other_ways
2007-06-13  Simon Marlowadd more profiling ways, to test different kinds of...
2007-05-25  Simon Marlowremove unreg "way"; unreg is now all-or-nothing
2007-04-13  Ian LynaghAllow tests to be skipped based on whether or not the...
2007-03-05  Ian LynaghMERGED: Add req_profiling to the driver
2007-02-09  Simon Marlowupdate way names (fix breakage in previous patch to...
2007-01-23  Simon Marlownow that -O implies -fasm, not -fvia-C, we must explici...
2006-09-18  raviadd tests for heap profiles and hp2ps
2006-10-25  andyAdding a new way for hpc
2006-08-25  Ian LynaghDon't use the threaded2 way when we don't support SMP
2006-02-10  Simon Marlowremove smp way, replace threaded with threaded1/threaded2
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