Make the Integer library used directly configurable in GHC and base
[ghc.git] / compiler / ghci / RtClosureInspect.hs
2009-07-22  Ian LynaghMake the Integer library used directly configurable...
2009-07-06  simonpj@microsoft.comTrim unused imports detected by new unused-import code
2009-07-01  Max BolingbrokeSupport for -fwarn-unused-do-bind and -fwarn-wrong...
2009-06-23  Ian LynaghFix the GHCi debugger so that it can recognise Integers...
2009-05-29  Simon MarlowChanges for the new IO library, mainly base-package...
2009-04-19  pepe iborraReally fix Trac #2611 this time
2009-04-18  pepe iborraFix Trac #2611
2009-03-05  Simon Marlowadd final newlines
2009-03-03  pepe iborraFix #3067: GHCi panics with 'initTc:LIE' while :steppin...
2008-09-26  pepeClean up a bit and improve an error message
2008-09-18  pepeFix a couple of issues with :print
2008-04-18  pepewibble
2008-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comMinor refactoring to get rid of Type.splitNewTyConApp
2008-07-31  Max BolingbrokeMinor refactoring in RtClosureInspect
2008-07-31  Max BolingbrokeRename maybeTyConSingleCon to tyConSingleDataCon_maybe
2008-07-20  Thomas SchillingFix Haddock errors.
2008-06-16  Ian LynaghRemove an ifdef
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in RtClosureInspect
2008-04-21  pepeFix #2044 (:printing impredicatively typed things)
2008-04-07  Manuel M T ChakravartyRemove GADT refinements, part 5
2008-03-29  Ian LynaghDon't import FastString in HsVersions.h
2008-02-19  Simon Marlowfix unregisterised stage 2 build
2008-02-04  Simon MarlowSupport for using libffi to implement FFI calls in...
2008-01-24  Ian LynaghFix the build
2008-01-17  Twan van LaarhovenReplace ioToTcRn with liftIO
2007-12-08  Pepe IborraComments only
2007-12-08  Pepe IborraRefactoring only
2007-12-08  Pepe IborraChange the format used by :print to show the content...
2007-12-04  Pepe IborraTeach :print to follow references (STRefs and IORefs)
2007-12-02  Pepe Iborrarefactoring only
2007-11-14  Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-11-14  Pepe IborraTry to manage the size of the text rendered for ':show...
2007-11-14  Pepe IborraMake the Term ppr depth aware
2007-11-14  Pepe IborraUse paragraph fill sep where possible
2007-11-13  Pepe IborraFix Trac 1865: GHCi debugger crashes with :print
2007-10-13  Pepe IborraReplaced two uses of head b explicit pattern matching
2007-09-28  Pepe IborraFollowing an indirection doesn't count as a RTTI step
2007-10-18  Simon Marlowfix :print when !tablesNextToCode
2007-09-27  Pepe IborraFinally, I managed to squash an infamous bug in :print
2007-09-12  Pepe IborraBetter modelling of newtypes in the Term datatype
2007-09-11  Pepe IborraRefactoring & documenting the Term pprinter used by...
2007-09-11  Pepe IborraCustom printer for the Term datatype that won't output...
2007-09-11  Pepe IborraCustom printer for the Term datatype that won't output...
2007-09-07  Ian LynaghFix assertions in RtClosureInspect
2007-09-06  Pepe Iborrawarning police
2007-09-04  Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03  Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-01  Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraUse a Data.Sequence instead of a list in cvReconstructType
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraFix a bug in RtClosureInspect.cvReconstructType.
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWarning police
2007-08-27  Pepe IborraUse a version of obtainTerm that takes a max depth...
2007-08-28  Manuel M T ChakravartyType checking for type synonym families
2007-08-10  Ian LynaghFollow Array changes (adding numElements field)
2007-07-14  Ian LynaghFix for print022 (round up when dividing type size...
2007-07-14  Pepe IborraAutomatic RTTI for ghci bindings
2007-07-12  Pepe IborraTeach :print to not panic when the DataCon for a closur...
2007-07-12  Pepe IborraFix an array indexing bug in getClosureData (used by...
2007-07-11  Pepe IborraFix imports & add missing type signatures
2007-07-11  Pepe IborraAdd a max depth bound to the bfs implementation in...
2007-06-07  LemmihFix a bug in MatchCon, and clarify what dataConInstOrig...
2007-06-17  Pepe IborraSeveral changes to the code dealing with newtypes in...
2007-05-24  Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-23  Pepe IborraClean up for code conventions & add some comment
2007-05-20  Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-20  Pepe IborraClean up & comments
2007-05-20  Pepe IborracvReconstructType: a faster, types-only version of...
2007-05-19  Pepe IborraRewrite the unsafe code dealing with unboxed primitives...
2007-05-16  Simon Marlowadd a comment
2007-04-30  Pepe IborraRestore tidying up of tyvars in :print
2007-04-26  Pepe IborraDont tidy up tyvars after :print type reconstruction
2007-04-25  Pepe Iborrafix :print reconstructing too many types in environment...
2007-04-25  Pepe IborraFix some corner cases in :print after the recent changes
2007-04-25  Simon Marlowforce APs, AP_STACKs and ThunkSelectors in :force
2007-04-25  Simon Marlowunused exports
2007-04-24  Pepe IborraWe no longer instantiate tyvars to Unknown types in...
2007-04-20  Pepe IborraHaskell list syntax for the :print command
2007-04-20  Pepe Iborrawibbles
2007-04-19  Pepe Iborraadd some DEBUG assertions
2007-04-19  Pepe IborraWhen possible, replace unification by matching in the...
2007-04-14  Pepe Iborra:print command - Do not compute all the custom printers...
2007-04-17  Simon MarlowRe-working of the breakpoint support
2007-02-20  bjpop@csse.unimelb... Constructor names in info tables
2007-02-21  Pepe IborraFix the behaviour of :print with functions
2007-02-16  Pepe IborraFixed a bug with the :print command spotted by Bernie...
2007-02-07  Pepe IborraType reconstruction/RTTI: improve handling of newtypes
2007-01-21  Pepe IborraComments only
2007-01-20  Pepe IborraFix a bug in the closure viewer
2007-01-07  Pepe IborraReorganizing my mess a bit
2007-01-11  Pepe IborraComments only
2007-01-07  Pepe IborraTry to emulate the output of 'deriving Show' in the...
2007-01-03  simonpj@microsoft.comChange to Unix line-line-endings
2006-12-20  Pepe IborraFix import lists
2006-12-18  Pepe IborraReplace association list in AddressEnv for a FiniteMap
2006-12-18  Pepe IborraRemove uses of Data.Traversable to fix stage1 on pre...
2006-12-10  Pepe IborraPlaying with closures