Merge branch 'master' into atomics
[ghc.git] / testsuite / tests / simplCore / should_compile / EvalTest.stdout
2013-01-25  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-17  Simon Peyton JonesAdjust debug output for different syntax of strictness...
2011-09-13  Ian LynaghTweak EvalTest to be less sensitive to whitespace changes
2011-08-25  Ben LippmeierMerge /Users/benl/devel/testsuite/roldugin/testsuite
2011-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-24  Ian LynaghAccept EvalTest output (change of whitespace)
2011-07-20  David TereiMove tests from tests/ghc-regress/* to just tests/*