Eliminate atomic_inc_by and instead medofiy atomic_inc.
[ghc.git] / rts / Sparks.c
2011-12-19  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/type-nats' into...
2011-07-29  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2011-07-27  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2011-07-20  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2011-07-18  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsAdd new fully-accurate per-spark trace/eventlog events
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsMove allocation of spark pools into initCapability
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsClassify overflowed sparks separately
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsUse a struct for the set of spark counters
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsChange tryStealSpark so it does not consume fizzled...
2011-07-18  Duncan CouttsImprove the newSpark dud test by using the pointer...
2011-06-19  Iavor S. Diatchki(partial) Merge branch 'master' into type-nats
2011-03-18  Simon MarlowpruneSparkQueue: handle CAFs
2011-02-19  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into type-nats
2011-02-14  Simon MarlowpruneSparkQueue: check for tagged pointers
2010-11-11  Simon Marlowcount fizzled and GC'd sparks separately
2010-11-01  Simon Marlowcount "dud" sparks (expressions that were already evalu...
2010-05-25  Simon Marlowfix warning
2010-05-25  Simon MarlowMake sparks into weak pointers (#2185)
2009-11-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Windows DLLs: use DLL aware runSparks_closure instead...
2009-12-12  Manuel M T ChakravartyExpose all EventLog events as DTrace probes
2009-08-29  Simon MarlowUnify event logging and debug tracing.
2009-08-02  Simon MarlowRTS tidyup sweep, first phase
2009-06-02  Simon MarlowRemove old GUM/GranSim code
2009-04-23  Simon MarlowAdd EVENT_CREATE_SPARK_THREAD to replace EVENT_SPARK_TO...
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comFor consistency, changed access of thread id to be...
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comAdded new EventLog event: Spark to Thread.
2009-04-03  donnie@darthik.comEventlog support for new event type: create spark.
2009-02-05  Simon MarlowRefactor the spark queue implementation into a generic...
2008-11-19  Simon MarlowFix some unsigned comparisions that should be signed
2008-11-19  Simon MarlowRemove incorrect assertions in steal()
2008-11-06  Simon MarlowpruneSparkQueue(): fix bug when top>bottom
2008-11-06  Simon MarlowRun sparks in batches, instead of creating a new thread...
2008-11-05  Simon Marlowretreat the top/bottom fields of the spark pool in...
2008-10-22  Simon Marlowtraverse the spark pools only once during GC rather...
2008-10-22  Simon MarlowRefactoring and reorganisation of the scheduler
2008-09-15  berthold@mathemati... Work stealing for sparks
2008-09-09  Simon MarlowSeparate pruning from marking of spark pools
2008-07-23  Simon MarlowUndo fix for #2185: sparks really should be treated...
2008-07-23  Simon Marlowdebug message tweaks
2008-04-24  Simon MarlowFIX #2185: sparks should not be treated as roots by...
2008-04-16  Simon MarlowReorganisation to fix problems related to the gct regis...
2008-01-09  Simon Marlowmove markSparkQueue into GC.c, as it needs the register...
2007-12-13  simonmar@microsoft.comhave each GC thread call GetRoots()
2007-07-27  Simon MarlowPointer Tagging
2006-12-15  Ian LynaghFree various things we allocate
2006-10-24  Simon MarlowSplit GC.c, and move storage manager into sm/ directory
2006-06-23  Simon Marlowfix a couple of bugs in markSparkQueue (#799)
2006-06-08  Simon MarlowNew tracing interface
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree