Fix incorrectly hidden RTS symbols
[ghc.git] / rules /
2009-08-26  Matthias KilianConfigurable iconv header and library locations
2009-08-26  Matthias KilianDon't mess up absolute INCLUDE_DIRS
2009-08-26  Ian LynaghFix bindist creation
2009-08-21  Ian LynaghLink CMM objects into dynamic libraries
2009-08-20  Ian LynaghFix library installation; fixes #3374
2009-08-20  Ian LynaghEscape some $s in makefiles for consistency
2009-08-19  Simon MarlowRolling back: Add a kludge to fix building shared libs
2009-08-14  Ian LynaghMake our install variables etc compliant with GNU stand...
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghCheck Cabal packages when validating
2009-08-08  Ian LynaghFix bindist creation
2009-08-07  Ian LynaghAdd a kludge to fix building shared libs
2009-08-02  Ian LynaghFix permissions when installing
2009-08-02  Ian LynaghFix creation of library doc index, and put the library...
2009-08-01  Ian LynaghMake the new build system install the documentation
2009-08-01  Ian Lynaghwhitespace tweaks in rules/
2009-07-27  Simon Marlowbuildinfo files need a $$(wildcard)
2009-07-27  Simon MarlowSlight tweak to avoid overflowing the command-line...
2009-07-18  Ian LynaghFollow the split directory rename in the GHC build...
2009-07-18  Ian LynaghTemporarily turn off unused-do-bind warnings for the...
2009-07-06  simonpj@microsoft.comWindows fixes to build system: use the 'find' and ...
2009-07-01  Simon Marlowremove unnecessary $(RM)s
2009-06-30  Simon Marlow'make html' in a library builds the Haddock docs
2009-06-25  Ian LynaghAdd buildinfo files to the bindist 2009-06-25
2009-06-24  Ian LynaghMake C and CMM objects way-dependent
2009-06-23  Simon MarlowOptimise the %.hi : %.o rule
2009-06-16  Ian LynaghAdd an _EXTRA_OBJS variable when linking packages
2009-06-15  Ian LynaghMake sure we aren't passing -Werror in the CFLAGS for...
2009-06-15  Ian LynaghPass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS to configure scripts
2009-06-15  Ian Lynagh.cmm rules need to depend on $$($1_$2_HC_DEP), not...
2009-06-11  Ian LynaghPut the CMM objects in the GHCi library too
2009-06-11  Ian LynaghAdd rules for building .cmm files in libraries
2009-06-16  Simon Marloweliminate "warning: overriding commnds..." from make...
2009-06-11  Ian LynaghAdd some $s to rules/ for consistency
2009-06-02  Simon Marlowtidy up autoconfiguration of docbook stuff
2009-06-02  Simon Marlowemit a helpful message if you say 'make html' and BUILD...
2009-05-29  Simon Marlowfix comment
2009-05-30  Ian Lynagh$(XARGS) might include arguments, so don't quote it...
2009-05-30  Ian LynaghQuote commands that we run, so they work if there are...
2009-05-30  Ian LynaghRemove some redundant code from
2009-05-30  Ian Lynaghmake the clean_libraries target work, so you can "make...
2009-05-29  Ian LynaghMake clean_libraries in the same way that we make all_l...
2009-05-29  simonpj@microsoft.comMake haddocking depend on the library .a file
2009-05-28  Simon Marlowfix it so that 'make' on its own works even if we're...
2009-05-26  Ian LynaghAdd a haddock target, for just building the haddock...
2009-05-26  Ian LynaghAdd some more $s to rules/ for consistency
2009-05-26  Ian LynaghFix haddocking
2009-05-06  Simon Marlow rm package.conf.inplace in distclean, not clean
2009-05-21  Simon MarlowFix #3201: "ar: Bad file number" build error with MSYS...
2009-05-19  Duncan CouttsPass --enable-shared and --with-hscolour to ghc-cabal...
2009-05-19  Duncan CouttsUse shared lib mode -dynload deploy to build the rts...
2009-05-17  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghTweak bindist creation
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghMove the fixed paths out of, so cleaning...
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghAdd a maintainer-clean rule
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowcleanup: remove reference to $1_$2_CONFIGURE_FLAGS...
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowmake repeated 'make distclean' not fail
2009-05-13  Ian LynaghFix building dph in the new build system
2009-05-11  Simon Marlowmake it so that 'make html', 'make pdf', and 'make...
2009-05-01  Simon Marlowadd a .c --> .s rule
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghBuild system tweak
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghAdd a Makefile in libraries/
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghHandle deciding what docs to build better
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fix
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghUse "-x c" when compiling hc files
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghMakefile rules tweak for BootingFromHc
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghMore bootstrapping rules
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghAdd a .hc building rules for bootstrapping
2009-04-30  Duncan CouttsFix linking shared libs with parallel make
2009-04-29  Duncan CouttsPrevent haddock docs being built when HADDOCK_DOCS=NO
2009-04-29  Duncan CouttsBuild library packages as shared libs
2009-04-28  Duncan CouttsAdd a new $way_libsuf variable for library suffix+extension
2009-04-28  Duncan Couttsextend the rules/c-objs macro to take the way as a...
2009-04-28  Simon MarlowAdd a header to all build system files:
2009-04-26  Ian LynaghGHC new build system megapatch