Replace "tail -n +2" with "sed 1d", as Solaris doesn't understand the former
[ghc.git] / compat / Makefile
2007-09-05  Ian LynaghDon't give warnings in compat
2007-08-04  Ian LynaghAdd more of Cabal to compat
2007-07-26  Ian LynaghFix building the HEAD with itself
2007-07-05  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (with GHC 6.2.x): System.Directory.Internals...
2007-06-27  andy@galois.comAdding Tix to compat library, so that hpc in utils...
2007-06-26  andy@galois.comAdding hpc lib as part of the compat 'package'
2007-05-25  Simon MarlowSystem.Directory.Internals is now in package directory
2007-05-21  Simon Marlowfollow removal of Distribtion.Compat.FilePath
2007-05-16  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD with ghc-6.2.x
2007-05-09  Ian LynaghCabal now uses filepath, so we need a bootstrapping...
2006-08-09  Simon MarlowWhere we use $(GhcHcOpts), also add $(GhcStage1HcOpts)
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree