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[ghc.git] / darcs-all
2006-07-03  Alec BerrymanRemove bashisms from darcs-all
2006-04-10  Simon Marlowrobustify the test for the top of the tree a little
2006-04-07  Josef SvenningssonMake darcs-all work without a ghc toplevel directory
2006-04-07  Josef SvenningssonFix typo in darcsall warning
2006-01-27  Simon Marlowfix one case where -q wasn't honoured
2006-01-19  Simon Marlowrespect the -q switch in this script
2006-01-13  Ian LynaghHack around whatsnew failing if there are no changes
2006-01-13  Ian LynaghPass anything through to darcs and let it do the failin...
2006-01-13  Simon Marlowimprovements to darcs-all
2006-01-13  Simon MarlowAdd infrastructure for multiple library packages