Merge branch 'master' of
[ghc.git] / testsuite / mk /
2012-05-15  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2012-05-15  Paolo CapriottiRename package-conf flags to package-db.
2012-04-13  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-09  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-06  David TereiFix llvm check
2012-01-17  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-17  David TereiRevert "The LLVM backend now only works with 2.9+,...
2012-01-16  Simon MarlowThe LLVM backend now only works with 2.9+, don't try...
2012-01-16  Simon MarlowParse the ghc --info values using a Haskell program...
2011-12-19  Simon Marlowfix $(HAVE_PROFILING) on Windows
2011-11-17  Ian LynaghDefine the GHC "compiler_always_flags" in make; fixes...
2011-09-09  Max BolingbrokeMerge branch 'no-pred-ty'
2011-09-05  Ian LynaghDon't clean tests that we aren't running
2011-08-25  Ben LippmeierMerge /Users/benl/devel/testsuite/roldugin/testsuite
2011-08-08  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-07  Ian LynaghAdd support for checking whether files are written...
2011-07-20  David TereiUpdate some more files for ghc-regress removal
2011-07-13  Ian LynaghTH doesn't work in a stage 1 compiler
2011-07-12  David TereiFormatting wibble
2011-04-21  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-20  Simon Peyton JonesAdd TEST_HC_OPTS to every Makefile invocation of TEST_HC
2010-09-30  Ian LynaghPass OUTPUT_SUMMARY on to the testsuite driver
2010-08-26  Ian LynaghFix "/bin/sh: llvmc: command not found" noise when...
2010-08-23  Simon MarlowEnable the optllvm way if llvmc is found
2010-05-03  Ian LynaghFix running dyn tests on OS X
2010-03-03  Ian LynaghFix detection of whether we have profiling libs
2009-12-18  Ian LynaghAllow tests to behave differently depending on whether...
2009-11-24  Simon Marlowgrab the target architecture from GHC, and add an if_ar...
2009-10-28  Ian LynaghDon't use threads on Windows
2009-10-21  Ian LynaghQuoting fix
2009-10-13  Ian LynaghFix the config.timeout setting
2009-10-13  Ian LynaghFixes for spaces in paths
2009-08-21  Ian LynaghUse the dynamic way if we have a dynamic RTS
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghTell the testsuite driver where hpc is
2009-01-27  Simon MarlowA better test for whether we have profiling
2009-01-18  Ian LynaghFix setting the value of
2009-01-13  Ian Lynaghmk/ wibble
2009-01-13  Simon Marlowadd boot target to the top-level Makefile; fix boot...
2009-01-10  Ian LynaghAdd a boot target, and tidy up the Makefile a bit
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghDisentangle the testsuite from the compiler's build...
2008-12-18  Simon Marlowfix typo
2008-12-17  Simon MarlowMake the testsuite work with the new build system
2008-07-23  Ian LynaghBuild the timeout program with Cabal
2008-07-19  Ian LynaghUse the right ghc-pkg program
2008-07-13  Ian LynaghFollow changes in GHC's build system
2008-06-12  Ian LynaghSimplify, and correct, the code for determining whether...
2008-06-11  Ian LynaghPass --threads rather than --thread
2008-06-03  Simon Marlowuse stage2 by default
2008-04-20  Ian LynaghAdd if_os, and change derefnull/divbyzero to use it
2007-09-04  Simon Marlowmake an absolute path
2007-07-21  Ian LynaghTell the testsuite what exeext is
2007-07-21  Ian LynaghShare the pwd program between tests
2007-07-18  Ian LynaghSkip the GHCi debugger tests when unregisterised (trac...
2007-07-03  Simon Marlowdon't reset MAKEFLAGS in recursive make in 'make fast'
2007-06-21  Simon Marlowno .bat scripts any more
2007-05-25  Simon Marlowremove unreg "way"; unreg is now all-or-nothing
2007-04-05  Ian LynaghCalibrate the testsuite timeout if a value of -1 is...
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowon Windows, use the .bat versions of the inplace scripts
2007-02-21  Simon MarlowLook for .T files in packages too
2007-02-06  Ian LynaghExpect tests to fail if we don't have libraries that...
2007-02-06  Ian LynaghOption to skip ways when running the testsuite
2006-12-16  Ian LynaghGo back to using $(PYTHON) rather than hardcoding python2.5
2006-11-17  pepeiborraAdvances in the test suite
2006-12-15  Ian LynaghSet MAKEFLAGS= in recursive make call on make fast
2006-09-18  raviadd tests for heap profiles and hp2ps
2006-09-16  Simon MarlowMake it so that 'make boot' is optional in the testsuite
2006-09-01  Simon Marlowleave EXTRA_HC_OPTS for use on the command line
2006-08-30  Simon MarlowUSETHREADS=0 by default unless you set THREADS explicitly
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAllow threading to be completely disabled with USETHREADS=0
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAllow the timeout to be given as a Makefile argument
2006-08-25  Ian LynaghDon't use the threaded2 way when we don't support SMP
2006-08-22  Esa Ilari VuokkoDriver: Add THREADS-support
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowTrack the GHC source tree reorganisation
2006-02-10  Simon Marlowremove smp way, replace threaded with threaded1/threaded2
2006-02-08  Simon Marlow"s" is in GhcRTSWays now
2006-02-08  Simon Marlowallow setting stage=N variable to select compiler in...
2006-02-01  Simon Marlowfix recently-introduced breakage in 'make accept'
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