Refactor GHC/user packages, move builder-specific functions into Builder
[ghc.git] / src / Base.hs
2017-08-28  Andrey MokhovRefactor GHC/user packages, move builder-specific funct...
2017-08-26  Andrey MokhovDifferentiate between C and Haskell package
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovImprove infrastructure for Cabal file parsing
2017-08-17  Andrey MokhovMove Package to the library
2017-08-17  Andrey MokhovFactor out file cache functionality into the library
2017-08-16  Andrey MokhovFix merge conflicts
2017-08-16  Andrey MokhovMajor refactoring of path settings
2017-08-13  Andrey MokhovMerge Rules.Oracles into Rules
2017-08-13  Andrey MokhovRe-export basic data type definitions from Base
2017-08-12  Andrey MokhovMove putColoured to the library
2017-08-12  Andrey MokhovMinor revision
2017-08-06  Andrey MokhovMerge all generators into a single file, factor our...
2017-08-06  Andrey MokhovFactor out general functionality of path oracles to...
2017-08-06  Andrey MokhovMove DirectoryContents oracle to the library
2017-08-04  Andrey MokhovFix warnings
2017-07-27  Andrey MokhovPart 1 of the Great Refactoring of the Expression
2017-06-26  Zhen ZhangBuild dynamic libs (#325)
2016-10-30  Andrey MokhovMove programInplacePath to Settings.Path
2016-05-18  Andrey MokhovAdd --progress-colour command line flag
2016-05-17  Andrey MokhovAdd quote function
2016-05-17  Andrey MokhovReplace quote by show
2016-05-17  Andrey MokhovMove versionToInt to Settings/Builders/Haddock
2016-05-17  Andrey MokhovMake build progress info colours customisable, drop...
2016-05-16  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #253 from michalt/colors/1
2016-05-16  Michal TerepetaCheck if the output supports colors (fixes #244)
2016-05-16  Andrey MokhovDon't add redundant path separator in -/-
2016-05-10  Andrey MokhovDo not unify paths on each -/- invocation.
2016-05-05  Andrey MokhovMove decode/encodeModule to Oracles.ModuleFiles.
2016-05-05  Andrey MokhovMove Base.removeFileIfExists to Rules.Actions.removeFile.
2016-05-05  Andrey MokhovDrop removeDirectoryIfExists.
2016-05-05  Andrey MokhovRename to Hadrian.
2016-05-02  Andrey MokhovDrop support for shake-0.15.5
2016-04-30  Andrey MokhovMove Shake files into _build/hadrian
2016-04-30  Andrey MokhovBuild Hadrian in _build.
2016-04-26  Andrey MokhovRename shakePath to hadrian.
2016-02-21  Andrey MokhovKeep duplicates in the intersection.
2016-02-21  Andrey MokhovAdd lookupAll and test it.
2016-02-20  Andrey MokhovDocument and test encode/decodeModule.
2016-02-17  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-17  Andrey MokhovUse Data.Bifunctor.bimap as it is now available on...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDon't unify paths as it seems prone to surprises.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovAdd tests for matchVersionedFilePath.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovHide Shake.parallel. Again.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovAdd matchVersionedFilePath and use for matching library...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDo not hide Shake.parallel (we no longer have conflicti...
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovAdd configFile to Base, track building ./settings
2016-01-15  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #171 from snowleopard/angerman/featu...
2016-01-15  Moritz AngermannMove rendering to Actions.
2016-01-15  Moritz AngermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'snowleopard/master' into...
2016-01-15  Moritz Angermannadds putBuildInfo
2016-01-15  Moritz AngermannDrops dot, adds none; renames pony to unicorn
2016-01-14  Andrey MokhovFix formatting in renderAction.
2016-01-14  Moritz AngermannComplete Advanced Render Box
2016-01-14  Moritz AngermannDrops 'none'
2016-01-12  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #161 from ndmitchell/master
2016-01-12  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #154 from snowleopard/angerman/featu...
2016-01-12  Moritz AngermannReplace Oracle with IO Ref
2016-01-12  Moritz AngermannAdds Pony
2016-01-12  Moritz AngermannMerge branch 'master' into angerman/feature/build-info...
2016-01-12  Moritz AngermannPreliminary working state
2016-01-11  Andrey MokhovMove bootstrapping.conf to .build.
2016-01-10  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #144 from ndmitchell/master
2016-01-10  Neil MitchellComment as to why we disable a warning
2016-01-10  Neil MitchellHide parallel when importing from Development.Shake
2016-01-10  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of
2016-01-10  Andrey MokhovMove build artefacts to .build/ directory.
2016-01-09  Neil MitchellExport Data.List.Extra from Base, rather than importing...
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovMove chunksOfSize to Settings/Builders/Ar.hs, add comments.
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #138 from snowleopard/feature/UtilUnlit
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #140 from snowleopard/feature/use...
2016-01-09  Moritz AngermannUse Extra library
2016-01-08  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #136 from quchen/redundant-hiding
2016-01-08  David LuposchainskyFix unnecessary import hiding
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #122 from quchen/housekeeping
2016-01-07  David LuposchainskyAdd Haddocks to Base.hs
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovRename replaceIf -> replaceWhen to match wordsWhen...
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #123 from angerman/feature/fix-clang
2016-01-07  Moritz AngermannMakes wordsWhen more generic.
2016-01-07  Moritz AngermannMoves wordsWhen into Base, and adjusts names and types...
2016-01-05  Andrey MokhovDon't separate build commands with an empty line.\n...
2016-01-04  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #92 from quchen/closed-box
2016-01-04  David LuposchainskyMake output boxes prettier by closing them on the right
2016-01-04  Andrey MokhovFactor our common build actions into src/Rules/Actions.hs
2016-01-03  Andrey MokhovRegister rts package, see #22 and #67.
2015-12-31  Andrey MokhovDon't re-initialise packageConfiguration in Stage2...
2015-12-31  Andrey MokhovInitialise inplace/lib/package.conf.d, fix #66.
2015-12-28  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #36 from bgamari/reexport
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Don't reexport Development.Shake.Util
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Don't reexport Development.Shake.Config
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Reexport `MonadTrans` instead of `Reader`
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Don't reexport `System.Console.ANSI`
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Don't reexport Data.Char
2015-12-28  Ben GamariBase: Hide `parallel`
2015-12-26  Andrey MokhovInitialise bootstrapping.conf (fix #42).
2015-12-26  Andrey MokhovMove generators to a dedicated directory, and track...
2015-12-24  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #34 from bgamari/master
2015-12-24  Andrey MokhovFix haddockArgs, clean up code.
2015-12-23  Andrey MokhovImplement encodeModule -- the inverse for decodeModule.
2015-12-21  Andrey MokhovBootstrap ghc-cabal.