Fixed .spec file (no building guide anymore)
[ghc.git] / .darcs-boring
2006-09-28  Simon Marlowtestsuite *is* boring
2006-09-15  Norman Ramseyremove non-boring directories
2006-09-19  Simon Marlowone more boring file
2006-09-19  Simon Marlowfix one boring file
2006-09-19  Simon Marlowadd boring files from a build tree
2006-09-13  Simon Marlowcompiler/ isn't boring
2006-08-24  Simon Marlowadd new regex packages
2006-08-21  Simon Marlowadd libraries/cgi and libraries/xhtml
2006-08-10  Simon Marlowadd html package
2006-05-02  Simon Marlowlibraries/time is boring
2006-01-31  Simon Marlowcombine libraries/.darcs-boring and .darcs-boring
2006-01-13  Simon MarlowAdd a skeleton libraries directory
2005-11-30  John Goerzen.hi is now boring
2005-11-28  John GoerzenAdded additional boring dirs
2005-11-28  John GoerzenUpdated boring file to exclude bootstrap dirs and inclu...
2005-11-28  John GoerzenAdded boring file based on default