FIX #2185: sparks should not be treated as roots by the GC
[ghc.git] / compiler / nativeGen /
2008-05-29  dias@eecs.harvard.eduReplacing copyins and copyouts with data-movement instr...
2008-05-29  dias@eecs.harvard.eduCmm back end upgrades
2008-05-03  Ian LynaghFix sin/cos/tan on x86; trac #2059
2008-05-03  Norman Ramseyreplace Cmm 'hint' with 'kind'
2008-04-30  Ian LynaghUse panic rather than error in RegLiveness
2008-04-30  Ian LynaghUpdate an error message
2008-04-30  Ian LynaghUpdate a panic message
2008-04-27  Ian LynaghFix build on PPC: Add some missing parentheses
2008-04-23  Roman LeshchinskiyInclude HsVersions.h where necessary
2008-04-22  Ian LynaghChange the last few (F)SLIT's into (f)sLit's
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in MachCodeGen
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in PositionIndependentCode
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in RegallocLinear
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in RegLiveness
2008-04-12  Ian Lynagh(F)SLIT -> (f)sLit in PprMach
2008-03-29  Ian LynaghDon't import FastString in HsVersions.h
2008-03-29  Ian LynaghRemove some redundant imports
2008-03-29  Ian LynaghRemove an #ifdef DEBUG
2008-02-07  Ian LynaghMake some more modules use LazyUniqFM instead of UniqFM
2008-02-07  Duncan CouttsMake more arch-specific #if's exclusive with #else...
2008-02-07  Simon Marlowremove a bogus assertion
2008-02-07  Ian LynaghMake some more modules use LazyUniqFM instead of UniqFM
2008-01-17  Isaac Dupreelots of portability changes (#1405)
2008-01-13  Ian LynaghFix warnings in utils/FastTypes
2008-01-04  Isaac Dupreechange CmmActual, CmmFormal to use a data CmmHinted...
2008-01-02  Simon Marlowexpand "out of stack slots" panic to suggest using...
2007-12-05  Ian Lynagh#include ../includes/MachRegs.h rather than just MachRegs.h
2007-12-03  Ian LynaghFIX #1843: Generate different instructions on PPC
2007-11-21  Bertram Felgenhauer(native gen) fix code generated for GDTOI on x86_32
2007-11-21  Bertram FelgenhauerFIX #1910: fix code generated for GDTOI on x86_32
2007-11-21  Bertram FelgenhauerFIX #1910: fix code generated for GDTOI on x86_32
2007-10-05  Thorkil NaurFIX validate for PPC Mac OS X - RegAllocStats.hs
2007-10-05  Thorkil NaurFIX validate for PPC Mac OS X - RegAllocLinear.hs
2007-09-21  Ian LynaghMove OPTIONS pragmas above comments
2007-09-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Tune coalescing in non-iterative register allocator
2007-09-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Bugfix to iterative coalescer
2007-09-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add -dasm-lint
2007-09-14  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Count CmmTops processed so far in the native code generator
2007-09-14  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Change spill cost function back to inverse length of...
2007-09-14  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Replace missing '#' on options pragma
2007-09-14  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Better cleaning of spills in spill cleaner
2007-09-13  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... warning police
2007-09-13  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Better calculation of spill costs / selection of spill...
2007-09-12  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... comment wibbles
2007-09-12  Simon Marlowmove generic graph-colouring code into util
2007-09-12  v.dijk.bas@gmail.comForgot to import Data.List.find
2007-09-12  Clemens FruhwirthSign extension hack to work around PC64 relocation...
2007-09-12  Simon Marlowfoldl1' was added to Data.List in GHC 6.4.x
2007-09-11  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Try and rewrite reloads to reg-reg moves in the spill...
2007-09-11  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Don't try and coalesce nodes with themselves
2007-09-11  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Try and allocate vregs spilled/reloaded from some slot...
2007-09-11  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Better handling of live range joins via spill slots...
2007-09-10  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Make sure to coalesce all the nodes found during iterat...
2007-09-07  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add iterative coalescing to graph coloring allocator
2007-09-08  Ian LynaghMake various assertions work when !DEBUG
2007-09-07  Norman Ramseya good deal of salutory renaming
2007-09-07  simonpj@microsoft.comWarning police
2007-09-06  Norman Ramseymassive changes to add a 'zipper' representation of C--
2007-09-06  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Cure space leak in coloring register allocator
2007-09-06  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Small improvement to GraphColor.selectColor
2007-09-05  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Improve GraphColor.colorScan
2007-09-05  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Refactor MachRegs.trivColorable to do unboxed accumulation
2007-09-05  Norman Ramseychange of representation for GenCmm, GenCmmTop, CmmProc
2007-09-05  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... warning police
2007-09-03  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Do conservative coalescing in register allocator
2007-09-04  Ian LynaghFix CodingStyle#Warnings URLs
2007-09-03  Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS rather than OPTIONS_GHC for pragmas
2007-09-03  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... NCG space leak avoidance refactor
2007-09-03  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Do aggressive register coalescing
2007-08-28  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add coalescence edges back to the register graph
2007-08-31  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Fix space leak in NCG
2007-09-01  Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-08-28  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Better handling of join points in spill cleaner 2007-08-28
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... comment wibble
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add count of reg-reg moves remaining for linear allocat...
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add a count of how many spill/reloads/reg-reg-moves...
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Erase unneeded spill/reloads after register allocation
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Be more paranoid about not creating space leaks in...
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Show spill/reload pseudo instrs in regalloc stage dump
2007-08-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add spill/reload pseudo instrs to MachInstrs
2007-08-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Regalloc stage dump in right order
2007-08-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Eliminate more dead reg->reg moves in linear allocator
2007-08-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Handle DOA vregs when building spill stats
2007-08-23  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Use UniqSet instead of Data.Set
2007-08-22  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... comment wibble
2007-08-22  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Refactor cmmNativeGen so dumps can be emitted inline...
2007-08-21  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Instrument linear register allocator.
2007-08-20  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... NCG debugging cleanup
2007-08-20  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add vreg-conflicts and vreg-conflict-lifetimes to drop...
2007-08-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add vreg-population-lifetimes to drop-asm-stats
2007-08-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add dumping of native code gen stats to file.
2007-08-17  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Refactor dumping of register allocator statistics.
2007-08-14  Ben.Lippmeier@anu... Add graph coloring register allocator.
2007-08-20  Norman Ramseyput CmmReturnInfo into a CmmCall (and related types)
2007-08-09  simonpj@microsoft.comRename a constructor CmmForeignCall to CmmCallee, and...
2007-07-14  Clemens FruhwirthjoinToTargets to emit fixup code even when movement...
2007-07-31  Clemens FruhwirthChange the strategy to determine dynamic data access
2007-06-20  Clemens FruhwirthAllow access via manually generated SymbolPtrs. General...
2007-07-27  Simon MarlowPointer Tagging
2007-07-06  Clemens FruhwirthFix -split-obj on Mac OS via -fasm