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12 hours ago  Sandy MaguireLet the specialiser work on dicts under lambdas master
27 hours ago  David EichmannHadrian: Add Mising Libffi Dependencies #16653
27 hours ago  Moritz AngermannAdd `keepCAFs` to RtsSymbols wip/angerman/keepCAFs
2 days ago  Michael SloanAdd PlainPanic for throwing exceptions without dependin...
2 days ago  David EichmannAllow metric change after reverting "Add Generic tuple...
2 days ago  Ryan ScottSome forall-related cleanup in deriving code
2 days ago  Iavor DiatchkiAdd a `NOINLINE` pragma on `someNatVal` (#16586)
2 days ago  Ömer Sinan... Add a test for #16597
2 days ago  Alp Mestanogullariadd an --hadrian mode to ./validate
3 days ago  David EichmannRevert "Add Generic tuple instances up to 15-tuple...
4 days ago  Luite Stegemanfix Template Haskell cross compilation on 64 bit compil... wip/angerman/ghcjs-th
4 days ago  Ryan ScottUse HsTyPats in associated type family defaults
4 days ago  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: add --test-root-dirs, to only run specific...
4 days ago  Alec TheriaultRTS: Fix restrictive cast
4 days ago  Kevin BuhrAdd regression test for old Word32 arithmetic issue... wip/T497
4 days ago  Michael SloanUse datatype for unboxed returns when loading ghc into...
4 weeks ago ghc-8.8.1-alpha1
4 weeks ago ghc-8.6.5-release Release 8.6.5
5 weeks ago wip/test-centos7
7 weeks ago ghc-8.6.5-rc1
7 weeks ago wip/ghc-8.6.5
2 months ago test-win32-ci
2 months ago ghc-8.6.4-release Release 8.6.4
5 months ago ghc-8.6.3-release Release GHC 8.6.3
6 months ago ghc-8.6.2-release Release 8.6.2
7 months ago ghc-8.4.4-release Release GHC 8.4.4
8 months ago ghc-8.6.1-release Release 8.6.1
9 months ago ghc-8.6.1-beta1
10 months ago ghc-8.6.1-alpha2
10 months ago ghc-8.6.1-alpha1
11 months ago ghc-8.7-start
11 months ago ghc-8.4.3-release Release 8.4.3
12 hours ago master
17 hours ago wip/marge_bot_batch_merge_job
27 hours ago wip/angerman/keepCAFs
37 hours ago wip/top-level-kind-signatures
38 hours ago wip/fix-hie-map
2 days ago wip/pmcheck-refuts
2 days ago wip/pmcheck-ncon
2 days ago wip/D5373
2 days ago wip/angerman/lowercase-win32
4 days ago wip/T16685
4 days ago cherry-pick-e172a6d1
4 days ago wip/angerman/ghcjs-th
4 days ago wip/T497
4 days ago wip/angerman/fix-arm-relocs
5 days ago wip/disable-windows-hadrian
5 days ago wip/gc/debug