2019-03-02  Ross Patersonmake Lift's <*> lazier (fixes #68) master
2019-02-02  Ross Patersonbump patch level to 0_5_6_2
2019-02-02  Ross PatersonFurther backward compatability fix
2019-02-02  Ross Patersonbump version to 0_5_6_1
2019-02-02  Ross Patersonbackward compatability for MonadFix ListT instance
2019-02-02  Ross Patersonbump version to 0_5_6_0
2019-02-01  Ross Patersonspecialized definition of liftA2 for ReaderT (#57)
2019-01-09  Ross Patersongeneralize except (suggested by Simon Hengel)
2018-12-19  hvrMake compatible with upcoming base-4.13
2018-11-22  Ross Patersoncontinuation-passing versions of Writer and RWS by...
2018-09-24  "Samuel Gélineau"Fix ReaderT's kind
2018-09-06  Ross Patersonfix doc of Control.Monad.Trans.Except.catchE (fixes...
2018-04-19  ryan.gl.scottMigrate Contravariant instances
2018-03-21  Ross Patersonadd pointer to monadic parser article to example
2017-11-25  Ross Patersondoc grammar fix (#46)
2017-10-15  Ross Patersoninstance MonadFix m => MonadFix (ListT m)
2017-10-04  Ross Patersonbump minor version number 0_5_5_0
2017-10-04  Ross PatersonDefine custom (*>) for various transformers to fix...
2017-09-02  Ross PatersonCanonicalise Monad instances again (fixes #45)
2017-08-12  ch.martinExplain the acryonym "CPS" in the first place it is...
2017-09-02  Ross PatersonAdd missing Semigroup instance to `Constant` functor...
2017-05-08  Ross Patersonrename heading for consistency
2017-05-08  Ross Patersonadd mapSelect and mapSelectT
2017-05-08  Ross Patersonrename selectToCont to selectToContT for consistency
2017-04-02  Ross Patersondirect definition of pure/return for MaybeT (fixes...
2017-02-18  Ross Patersonbump minor version (migrated instances) 0_5_4_0
2017-02-18  Ross Patersonfix for pre-AMP environments 0_5_3_1
2017-02-18  Ross Patersonbump minor version number 0_5_3_0
2017-02-18  Ross Patersonremove mention of Control.Monad.IO.Class (now in base)
2017-02-17  Ross Patersondeprecate Control.Monad.Trans.List
2017-02-17  Ross Patersonadd SelectT monad transformer
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonmake runAccumT a separate function
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonadd INLINE pragma
2017-02-16  Ross Patersonadd elimLift, suggested by Baldur Blöndal
2017-02-06  Ross Patersondefine (*>) = (>>) for both StateT's (#33)
2017-02-05  Ross Patersonadd eitherToErrors (#35)
2016-12-16  ryan.gl.scottMigrate Bifoldable and Bitraversable instances for...
2016-11-06  Ross PatersonMonad (and related) instances for Reverse
2016-11-06  Ross Patersonspecialized null and length methods where possible
2016-11-05  Ross Patersonremove definition of sequenceA for Reverse
2016-10-19  Ross Patersonspecialize methods for ReaderT
2016-04-28  Ross Patersonsimplify return defn; consistent lazy matching; whitespace
2016-04-27  Ross Patersonrename monad transformations for consistency, and gener...
2016-04-26  nickolay.kudasovFix export list and warnings
2016-04-26  nickolay.kudasovAdd AccumT monad transformer (see #24)
2016-04-17  ryan.gl.scottBackport Eq1/Ord1/Read1/Show1 instances for Proxy
2016-04-11  ryan.gl.scottBackport Num/Bits/IsString/etc. instances for Identity
2016-02-17  Ross Patersonupdate changelog for 0_5_2_0
2016-02-17  Ross Patersonbump minor version (orphan instances re-added)
2016-02-16  Ross Patersonadd INLINE pragmas
2016-02-11  Ross Patersonre-instate orphan instances Alternative (Either e)...
2016-02-11  Ross Patersondocument unusualness of contT
2016-02-11  Ross Patersondocument lift as a natural transformation in the catego...
2016-01-17  Ross PatersonBump minor version number to, required by added... 0_5_1_0
2016-01-17  Ross Patersonpathch-level release 0_5_0_2
2016-01-17  Ross Patersonpatch-level release 0_5_0_1
2016-01-17  Ross PatersonRequire GHC >= 7.0 for DeriveDataTypeable (fixes #19)
2016-01-17  Ross PatersonRequire GHC >= 7.6 for PolyKinds (fixes #20)
2015-12-22  ryan.gl.scottBackport Bounded, Enum, Ix, and Storable instances...
2015-12-17  Ross Patersonminor changelog cleanup 0_5_0_0
2015-12-17  Ross Patersonsimply Cabal file a little
2015-12-17  ryan.gl.scottConditionally expose Data.Functor.* modules
2015-12-16  Ross Patersonbump version number in preparation for release
2015-12-16  Ross Patersonmore uniform treatment of Read1/Show1/Read2/Show2
2015-12-15  Ross Patersonupdate changelog
2015-12-16  Ross PatersonChange definitions of Read1 and Show1 to allow correct...
2015-11-25  Ross Patersonadd MonadFail instance for ContT
2015-11-25  Ross Patersonre-order methods for consistency
2015-11-24  hvrAdd `MonadFail` instances
2015-11-24  hvrCanonicalise Monad instances
2015-11-20  Ross Patersoninstance Bifunctor Constant (fixes #11)
2015-10-28  ryan.gl.scottProper base bounds (for real), backport Monoid Identity...
2015-10-10  ryan.gl.scottFix `base` lower version bounds for GHC 8.0 (it will...
2015-09-28  Ross Patersonrename legacy source directories
2015-09-28  Ross Patersonre-add old modules
2015-09-27  ryan.gl.scottSeparate legacy modules into different subdirectories
2015-09-27  Ross Patersonconditionally re-instate orphan instances in Control...
2015-09-27  Ross Patersondocumentation tweak
2014-08-27  samcaldwellFix the last MonadTrans example to use IO instead of []
2015-08-15  ryan.gl.scottMake Control.Monad.IO.Class conditionally exposed
2015-07-03  Ross Patersonfix warning
2015-06-30  ryan.gl.scottTypeable instance for promoted Identity constructor
2015-06-30  ryan.gl.scottFix build on GHC < 7.10
2015-06-21  Ross Patersonexpand definitions of Applicative and Alternative metho...
2015-06-13  ryan.gl.scottMore use of PolyKinds
2015-06-11  Ross Patersonadd Monoid (Constant a b) instance
2015-05-21  ryan.gl.scottMark modules as Safe
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonremove orphan instances from deprecated Control.Monad...
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonremove MonadZip instance from deprecated module
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonadd bug-reports line to Cabal file
2015-04-23  Ross Patersonbump test for AutoDeriveTypeable to GHC 7.10, since...
2015-04-22  Ross Patersonuse PolyKinds for GHC >= 7.4
2015-04-22  Ross Patersonrequire a more general type for eqWith and compareWith
2015-04-13  ryan.gl.scottMonadZip instaces, base- compatibility with...
2015-03-25  Ross Patersonmove eq1, etc out of the classes
2015-03-25  Ross Patersonfix warnings
2015-03-25  Ross Patersoninstances of Eq2, Ord2, Read2 and Show2
2015-03-25  Ross Patersonswitch liftings of Prelude classes to use explicit...
2015-03-24  Ross Patersonfix foldr1/foldl1 for Backwards (spotted by Ryan Scott)
2015-03-08  Ross Patersonchanges for 0_4_3_0