expand definitions of Applicative and Alternative methods (fixes #4)
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2015-06-21  Ross Patersonexpand definitions of Applicative and Alternative metho...
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2015-01-20  Ross Patersontweak documentation of uniformity of liftings
2014-11-09  Ross Patersondefer AutoDeriveTypeable to GHC-7.10
2014-08-30  Ross Patersonadd AutoDeriveTypeable for GHC >= 7.8
2014-05-06  Ross Patersonrevert to record syntax for newtypes until next major... 0_4_1_0
2014-05-05  Ross Patersonsimplify labelling example in state docs
2014-05-05  Ross Patersondoc tweaks: add example of lazy state monad, reorder...
2014-04-30  Ross Patersonadd not on state strictness
2014-04-27  Ross Patersonadd modify', a strict version of modify
2014-04-26  Ross Patersonswitch doc examples from Error to Except
2014-04-25  Ross Patersonadd warning about strict writer
2013-08-22  Ross Patersontweak spacing for consistency
2013-06-18  Ross Patersontweak formatting for consistency
2013-05-26  Ross Patersoneliminate record syntax for newtypes, for simpler Show...
2012-05-01  Ross Patersonintroduce type synonyms for signatures of complex opera...
2012-03-08  Ross Patersonexpand definitions of censor, gets, listens and modify...
2012-03-04  Ross Patersonupdate doc comments
2012-01-25  Ross Patersongeneralized state, reader and writer constructor functions
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2010-03-23  Ross Patersondocumentation tweaks
2009-03-16  Ross Patersondoc adjustments 0_1_3_0
2009-01-14  Ross Patersonmake all Functor instances assume Functor release_0_1_1_0
2009-01-09  Ross Patersonwarning fixes
2009-01-09  Ross Patersontwo versions of lifting of callcc through StateT
2009-01-08  Ross Patersonadd Applicative instances
2009-01-06  Ross Patersonupdate Mark Jones's address
2009-01-06  Ross Patersonadd Applicative instances
2009-01-05  Ross Patersonmake Functor instances depend on Functor rather than...
2009-01-05  Ross Patersonadd constructors state, etc for simple monads (suggeste...
2007-03-26  Ross Patersonfactor out MPTCs