add Monoid (Constant a b) instance
[darcs-mirrors/transformers.git] / transformers.cabal
2015-04-24  Ross Patersonadd bug-reports line to Cabal file
2015-04-13 instaces, base- compatibility with...
2015-03-08  Ross Patersonbump version to
2015-03-08  Ross Patersonupdate email address
2015-03-08  Ross Patersonupdate repo location
2014-11-09  Ross Patersonmake Data.Functor.Identity conditionally exposed
2014-10-13  Ross Patersondrop compatibility with base-1.x
2014-08-30  Ross Patersonminor version bump (non-orphan instances of Typeable...
2014-05-06  Ross Patersonrevert to record syntax for newtypes until next major... 0_4_1_0
2014-04-30  Ross Patersonadd Data.Functor.Sum
2014-04-25  Ross Patersonadd changelog
2014-02-25  Ross Patersonadd ExceptT transformer and deprecate ErrorT
2013-05-26  Ross Patersonbump major version number due to changes in newtypes
2013-05-23  Ross Patersonadd Eq, Ord and Show instances where possible
2012-06-28  Ross Patersonbump minor version (extra names added)
2012-05-01  Ross Patersonexpand description
2012-05-01  Ross Patersonintroduce type synonyms for signatures of complex opera...
2012-03-22  Ross Patersonbump cabal version (uses source-repository)
2012-03-08  Ross Patersondoc tweaks
2012-03-04  Ross Patersonupdate doc comments
2012-02-18  Ross Patersonrename Fallback as Lift
2012-02-18  Ross Patersonadd source repo location
2011-07-23  Ross Patersonbump version number
2011-07-23  Ross Patersonadd Fallback transformer, a generalization of Errors
2011-07-23  Ross Patersonadd Backwards/Reverse suggested by Russell O'Connor
2011-07-09  Ross Patersondrop reference to monads-fd
2011-04-08  Ross Patersonbump version number to 0_2_2_0
2010-08-06  Ross Patersoncope with move of Either instances to base package
2010-04-01  Ross Patersonadd Data.Functor.Product
2010-03-26  Ross Patersonupper bound on base 0_2_0_0
2010-03-26  Ross Patersondelete superfluous CPP extension
2010-03-25  Ross Patersonadd constant functors and functor composition
2010-03-23  Ross Patersonrename modules to avoid clash with mtl
2009-03-25  Ross Patersonbump version to
2009-03-22  Ross Patersontweak lifting of Identity and Maybe transformers 0_1_4_0
2009-03-16  Ross Patersondoc adjustments 0_1_3_0
2009-02-12  Ross Patersonadd Control.Monad.Trans.Identity to .cabal file
2009-02-06  Ross Patersonadd MaybeT transformer
2009-01-14  Ross Patersonmake all Functor instances assume Functor release_0_1_1_0
2009-01-14  Ross Patersonadjust dependencies to deal with base-1 release_0_1_0_1
2009-01-10  Ross Patersonset maintainer
2009-01-05  Ross Patersonbump major version number
2009-01-05  Ross Patersonbump version number for extended API
2009-01-05  Ross Patersontweak cabal file for release
2007-11-22  Ross Patersonnew transformers package, containing the Haskell 98...