2013-01-07  Judah JacobsonSearch for terminfo in libtinfo; fixes GHC #7281. master
2012-08-09  Judah JacobsonFix build on ghc-7.2. 0_3_2_5
2012-08-09  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2012-07-12  Judah JacobsonRequire ghc-7.4.1 for -XSafe and -XTrustworthy. 0_3_2_4
2012-07-12  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2012-03-07  Paolo CapriottiAdd .gitignore for GHC build.
2011-11-11  Judah JacobsonFix the termColumns capacity.
2011-08-14  Judah JacobsonRequire ghc-6.10, and don't use the extensible-exceptio...
2011-08-12  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2011-08-10  Judah JacobsonBump version to 0_3_2_1
2011-08-09  David TereiUse Safe Haskell if GHC >= 7.2
2011-08-03  Judah JacobsonSwitch the .cabal file to section syntax. 0_3_2
2011-08-03  Judah JacobsonBump version to 0.3.2.
2011-08-03  Judah JacobsonAdd Show,Eq,Ord instances for the Color datatype.
2010-08-13  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2010-08-13  Judah JacobsonAdd keyEnter for the "kent" capability.
2010-04-01  Judah JacobsonFix haskeline trac #105: tparm returns NULL instead... 0_3_1_2
2009-11-14  Judah JacobsonDon't flush after each character of output when there...
2009-11-14  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2009-09-15  judah.jacobsonBump version to - there was an issue with the... 0_3_1_1
2009-09-15  judah.jacobsonTAG 0.3.1
2009-09-05  Judah JacobsonAdd PageDown and PageUp keys.
2009-08-05  Alexander DunlapFixing m4 quoting to work with autoconf 2.64
2009-08-11  Judah JacobsonEnsure that function capabilities keep alive the TERMIN...
2009-08-11  Judah JacobsonAllow access to terminfo capabilities as Strings, as...
2009-08-10  Judah JacobsonBuild with -Wall.
2009-07-26  Judah JacobsonChange how TermOutput is represented internally.
2009-07-18  Judah JacobsonAdd full set of text attributes.
2009-07-18  Judah JacobsonAdditions to Effects: added bold, and improved docs.
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-07-24  Simon Marlowremove redundant import
2009-07-12  Judah JacobsonAdd basic color support.
2009-07-10  Ian LynaghFix some "warn-unused-do-bind" warnings where we want...
2009-04-26  judah.jacobsonBump version to 0.3.1. 2009-06-25
2009-04-25  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2009-03-12  judah.jacobsonBump version to 0_3_0_2
2009-03-12  Nicolas Pouillardterminfo/configure: check for libncursesw first.
2009-02-06  judah.jacobsonClarify in description that this is only for POSIX... 0_3_0_1
2009-01-18  judah.jacobsonBump version to
2009-01-18  judah.jacobsonInclude (n)curses.h before term.h; required for fvia...
2008-12-05  judah.jacobsonAdd the home and end key capabilities. 0_3
2008-12-05  judah.jacobsonClean up setupTerm, using bracket to make it safe from...
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonThrow a custom error (SetupTermError) when the terminfo...
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonBetter haddock organization in Base.hs
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonCatch the error that getEnv would throw when TERM is...
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonBump version to 0.3.
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonDepend on extensible-exceptions.
2008-12-04  judah.jacobsonAdd explicitly split type signature declarations to...
2008-10-10  judah.jacobsonBump cabal version to 0_2_2_1
2008-10-10  judah.jacobsonLink against ncurses or curses, whichever is available.
2008-09-15  judah.jacobsonAdd new function hRunTermOutput. 0_2_2
2008-09-14  judah.jacobsonBump version to 0.2.2.
2008-09-08  judah.jacobsonFlush after printing each character of a control sequen... 0_2_1
2008-09-08  Judah JacobsonEliminate some uses of unsafePerformIO in order to...
2008-09-08  Judah JacobsonMake withCurTerm a little more robust.
2008-08-29  Judah JacobsonUse the non-depreciated autoconfUserHooks in the Setup...
2008-06-08  judah.jacobsonFix small mistake in docs. 0_2
2008-06-04  judah.jacobsonAdd --with-curses-[includes/libraries] flags.
2008-05-17  judah.jacobsonAdd bell/visualBell effects.
2008-05-17  judah.jacobsonAdd build-type Cabal field.
2007-12-21  judah.jacobsonAdd infix <#> operator instead of mappend.
2007-12-20  judah.jacobsonBump version to 0.2
2007-12-17  judah.jacobsonAdd INCLUDE <term.h> pragma so that -fvia-C will work.
2007-12-17  judah.jacobsonAdd term.h to foreign import calls so that -fvia-C...
2007-12-17  judah.jacobsonAdd term.h to foreign import calls so that -fvia-C...
2007-12-15  judah.jacobsonMake cursorDown1 always correspond to cud1. Make moveD...
2007-12-15  judah.jacobsonAdd flags about cursor wrapping behavior.
2007-12-12  judah.jacobsonAdd link to code.haskell.org in Cabal file. 0_1
2007-12-12  judah.jacobsonImprove Cabal file.
2007-12-12  judah.jacobsonAdded Haddock module properties.
2007-12-11  judah.jacobsonAdd more features to and document the Cursor.hs module.
2007-12-11  judah.jacobsonSmall doc change.
2007-12-04  judah.jacobsonAdd back freeing of terminal structure, by forcing...
2007-12-02  judah.jacobsonDon't call del_curterm, since it leads to freeing termi...
2007-12-01  judah.jacobsonAdd backspace and delete keys.
2007-12-01  judah.jacobsonExport Edit module from Terminfo.hs
2007-11-30  judah.jacobsonFixed kuf1.
2007-11-25  judah.jacobsonSome documentation additions, and changes termOutput...
2007-11-25  judah.jacobsonRename runCapability to getCapability
2007-11-25  judah.jacobsonFix for cud1 ONLCR issue.
2007-11-25  judah.jacobsonSome basic effect capabilities.
2007-11-25  judah.jacobsonAdded tiGuardFlag.
2007-11-24  judah.jacobsonSmall doc improvements.
2007-11-24  judah.jacobsonNew Capability monad.
2007-11-24  judah.jacobsonAdded Effects module (bold, underline, etc.)
2007-11-24  judah.jacobsonAdd more capabilities and documentation of them.
2007-11-23  judah.jacobsonAdded Edit module for character insertion/deletion...
2007-11-23  judah.jacobsonAdded basic Cursor capabilities module.
2007-11-23  judah.jacobsonDelete unused files.
2007-11-23  judah.jacobsonForgot to add these file changes in the last patch.
2007-11-22  judah.jacobsonMore improvements; varargs, key commands, System.Consol...
2007-11-17  judah.jacobsonRemove uneeded compiler flags.
2007-11-17  judah.jacobsonMore changes.
2007-11-14  judah.jacobsonAesthetic cleanup.
2007-11-14  judah.jacobsonCleanup using new TermOutput type.
2007-11-04  judah.jacobsonReplace complicated TParm vararg classes with just...
2007-10-16  judah.jacobsonAdd Terminal type to move tiGet functions out of the...
2007-09-23  judah.jacobsonMinor documentation changes.
2007-09-21  judah.jacobsonMore work on the Base module.
2007-09-17  judah.jacobsonInitial import.