2013-10-12  Judah JacobsonFix Windows Build. master
2013-10-12  Judah JacobsonFollow unix's version bump
2013-10-12  Judah JacobsonAvoid shadowing `handlers` variable in `catches`
2013-10-12  Judah JacobsonFix build on Win64
2013-08-15  Judah JacobsonAdd 'catches' to MonadException. Patch from Håkan...
2013-01-29  Judah JacobsonInclude termios.h on Android because winsize is defined...
2013-01-20  Judah JacobsonFix build on ghc-6.12.3.
2012-12-01  Judah JacobsonAllow building with base-4.7. Patch from Ian Lynagh.
2012-12-01  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2012-09-07  Judah JacobsonBump version to 0_7_0_3
2012-08-26  Judah JacobsonRefactor terminal unit tests.
2012-08-26  Judah JacobsonDon't use Control.Exception.Extensible in Setup.hs.
2012-08-14  Judah JacobsonBump build-depends to allow directory-1.2.
2012-07-26  Judah JacobsonAdd CHANGES for 0_7_0_2
2012-07-26  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2012-07-26  Judah JacobsonFix build on Windows with ghc>=7.4.1.
2012-07-25  Judah JacobsonTAG
2012-07-25  Judah JacobsonCHANGES for
2012-07-25  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2012-07-25  Judah JacobsonRemove Haskell comment on #endif line; it breaks the...
2012-07-22  Judah JacobsonEdits to the MonadException haddocks. 0_7_0_0
2012-07-22  Judah JacobsonAdd test folder for unit-testing file completion.
2012-07-22  Judah JacobsonUpdate CHANGES.
2012-07-22  Judah JacobsonUse the base package's IO encoding/decoding on ghc...
2012-07-22  Judah JacobsonAdd unit tests for general input/output and encoding...
2012-07-21  Judah JacobsonFix guessing window size from terminfo.
2012-07-19  Judah JacobsonChange new version number to fully qualified ""
2012-07-19  Judah JacobsonAdd current finished changes for haskeline-0.7
2012-07-18  Judah JacobsonPrevent crash on Windows when writing many characters...
2012-07-18  Judah JacobsonFix ctrl-L on Windows with large console window sizes...
2012-07-18  Judah JacobsonWin32: Don't pass invalid arguments to SetPosition...
2012-07-18  Judah JacobsonTypo fix in type synonym.
2012-05-13  Judah JacobsonUpdate CHANGES for
2012-07-17  Judah JacobsonAdd back wrap/handleInterrupt.
2012-07-17  Judah JacobsonRemember the current history or kill ring state after...
2012-07-12  Judah JacobsonAllow unix-2.6 as a dependency, in preparation for...
2012-06-19  Judah JacobsonBump dependencies to base-4.6.
2012-05-21  Judah JacobsonChange the MonadException class to be more general.
2012-03-07  Paolo CapriottiAdd .gitignore for GHC build.
2012-05-19  Judah JacobsonFix issues with previous Win64 patch.
2012-05-16  Judah JacobsonChange foreign imports to use ccall for Win64.
2012-05-18  Judah JacobsonDon't make InputT an instance of our internal MonadStat...
2012-05-13  Judah JacobsonDon't depend on mtl; instead, depend directly on transf...
2012-05-05  Judah JacobsonRemove commented-out line.
2012-04-28  Judah JacobsonWorkaround for Cabal ticket #944.
2012-04-28  Judah JacobsonAllow building with mtl-2.1.
2012-04-28  Judah JacobsonAdd back a utf8-string dependency, for now.
2012-04-28  Judah JacobsonFix bug in Windows line redrawing.
2012-04-28  Judah JacobsonFix Windows build from previous patch (Term refactor).
2012-03-25  Judah JacobsonRefactor Term to make the backends more modular.
2012-03-23  Judah JacobsonRefactor: move all terminfo output encoding into a...
2012-03-23  Judah JacobsonUse a writer monad in the Terminfo backend.
2012-03-23  Judah JacobsonRemove the Encoding module.
2012-03-23  Judah JacobsonUse ghc>=7.4 encoding when reading/writing the history...
2012-03-23  Judah Jacobson#117: Implement mapInputT.
2012-02-24  Judah JacobsonDon't use MonadState to expose the History API.
2012-02-22  Judah JacobsonBump upper version limits for containers and bytestring.
2012-02-20  Judah JacobsonRemove the wrap/handleInterrupt functions.
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonAdd a source-repository flag to the .cabal file.
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonUse ScopedTypeVariables instead of the (deprecated...
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonRemove the "base2" flag now that we require ghc>=6...
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonDon't use the extensible-exceptions package.
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonBump version to 0.7.
2012-02-19  Judah JacobsonUpdate version to, plus CHANGES.
2011-12-24  Mark Wrightbuild with ghc 7.4.1-rc1
2011-10-19  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2011-10-14  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2011-08-13  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2011-08-12  Judah JacobsonBump version to, since someone uploaded a buggy...
2011-08-12  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2011-10-19  Judah JacobsonUpdate CHANGES.
2011-10-19  Judah JacobsonFix #116: type signature of wcwidth foreign call.
2011-10-17  Judah JacobsonUpdate CHANGES.
2011-10-17  Judah JacobsonDon't require NondecreasingIndentation.
2011-10-17  Judah JacobsonUpdate the CHANGES file.
2011-10-16  Judah JacobsonFix #73, again. (Pasting multiple lines might drop...
2011-10-16  Judah JacobsonFix #115: make the "df" and "dt" commands behave as...
2011-08-14  Judah JacobsonFix bug on ghc-7.2.1 with tab-completion of Unicode...
2011-07-07  Ian LynaghRelax base dependency
2011-07-06  Ian LynaghRelax a dependency
2011-04-11  Max BolingbrokeUse CAString functions to marshal locale names
2011-03-17  Judah JacobsonTAG 0.6.4
2011-03-17  Judah JacobsonRecord getInputLineWithInitial in CHANGES.
2011-02-21  Judah JacobsonAdd new function getInputLineWithInitial.
2011-02-21  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2010-12-11  Judah JacobsonFix issues with the "#81 Attempts" patch.
2010-12-06  Judah JacobsonAttempt to fix #81 on Windows.
2011-01-17  Ian LynaghAdd NondecreasingIndentation extension for GHC >= 7.1
2010-12-06  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2010-11-04  Judah JacobsonBump version to and update CHANGES. 0_6_3_2
2010-10-27  Judah JacobsonIncrease build-depends: allow mtl-2.0.
2010-09-20  Judah JacobsonTAG
2010-09-20  Judah JacobsonCHANGES for
2010-09-20  Judah JacobsonBump version to
2010-09-20  Judah JacobsonFix build on ghc-6.10.
2010-09-15  Judah JacobsonTAG 0.6.3
2010-09-14  Judah JacobsonRemove unnecessary "forall" in getInputLine's type.
2010-09-13  Judah JacobsonAdd ^L to getPassword.
2010-09-13  Judah JacobsonTweak docs for preferTerm.
2010-09-13  Judah JacobsonRename "Mode" to "Behavior".