2013-01-17  Ian LynaghFix signals004 on OS X 32 ghc-7.6 ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release unix-
2013-01-17  Ian LynaghUse pthread_kill on OS X too
2013-01-17  Ian LynaghFix some parentheses
2012-12-06  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2012-12-02  Simon HengelFix a memory corruption issue in putEnv (fixes #7342)
2012-07-19  Paolo CapriottiBump version to ghc-7.6.1-release unix-
2012-07-18  Paolo CapriottiFix warnings.
2012-07-17  Marios TitasExtract high resolution timestamps from FileStatus
2012-07-02  Paolo CapriottiAdd a WARNING for sleep, and expand documentation.
2012-06-19  Ian LynaghFollow changes in base
2012-04-25  Simon Marlowuse Control.Monad.void instead of Foreign.void (which...
2012-04-04  Paolo CapriottiAdd workaround for systems without clearenv.
2012-03-30  Paolo CapriottiRe-enable posix005 test (#5648)
2012-03-30  Paolo CapriottiAdd setEnvironment and cleanEnv to System.Posix.Env...
2012-03-23  Simon Marlowfix documentation for getAnyProcessStatus/getGroupProce...
2012-03-09  Paolo CapriottiRemove tabs from System.Posix.Env.hsc.
2012-03-09  Paolo CapriottiCopy tests from GHC testsuite (#1161)
2012-02-26  Ian LynaghMove nocldstop from HsBase.h to HsUnix.h
2012-02-22  Ian LynaghUpdate dependencies
2012-02-22  Ian LynaghConvert some FFI decls to use capi
2012-02-10  Ian LynaghRelax base dependency
2012-01-10  David TereiUse error not ioError for consistency.
2012-01-10  David TereiCode cleaning for recent changes
2012-01-09  Deian StefanSystem.Posix.Temp compliance
2012-01-09  Deian Stefanmkstemps
2012-01-06  David TereiFix validation error
2012-01-06  David TereiCode clean and documentation improvements to Temp.
2012-01-06  Deian Stefanforgot to add to previous commit
2012-01-06  Deian Stefanfix bugs and added mkdtemp
2011-12-15  Ian LynaghDon't expose System.Posix.DynamicLinker.Common
2011-12-06  Simon MarlowforkProcess now works with +RTS -N; update docs and...
2011-12-03  Ian LynaghRoll back the sigset capi changes
2011-11-28  Ian LynaghUse capi to define the fcntl FFI imports
2011-11-28  Ian LynaghUse capi some more (part of #5480)
2011-11-28  Ian LynaghConvert come FFI bindings to use the capi calling conve...
2011-11-28  Simon MarlowFix Solaris breakage (I hope)
2011-11-25  Ian LynaghFixes for NetBSD
2011-11-23  Simon MarlowMove openPseudoTerminal into System.Posix.Terminal...
2011-11-22  Simon MarlowBump version -> (added RawFilePath...
2011-11-22  Simon MarlowProvide a raw ByteString version of FilePath and enviro...
2011-11-21  Simon MarlowexecuteFile001: omit profiling ways
2011-11-16  Ian LynaghAdd a test for #5319
2011-10-20  Ian LynaghFollow change to FFI decls: Import constructors of...
2011-10-12  Ian LynaghFollow the removal of the Eq superclass of Num
2011-08-10  David TereiRemove old darcs boring file
2011-08-09  David TereiFix conditional pragma to work with 6.12
2011-08-04  David TereiUse Safe Haskell when GHC >= 7.2
2011-08-01  Ian LynaghRemove some antiquated C constructs
2011-07-07  Ian LynaghRelax base dep ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-07-06  Ian LynaghBump version number
2011-06-29  Ross Patersonprefer bsd/libutil.h (if available) to libutil.h
2011-05-31  FavoniaFix typos in future process group API
2011-05-23  Simon Marlowelaborate the deprecation messages, and add commented...
2011-05-23  Simon Marlowadd processGroup001/processGroup002
2011-05-23  FavoniaTest cases for the new process group API.
2011-05-23  FavoniaChange the POSIX process group API. (trac #5167)
2011-05-14  Max BolingbrokeImproved Unicode support in the light of PEP383
2011-05-10  Simon Marlowallow some syscalls in System.Posix.Directory to return...
2011-04-08  Ian LynaghUpdate source repo location to be the git repo in ...
2011-04-06  Max BolingbrokeUse _NSGetEnviron on OS X: fixes #2458
2011-04-05  Max BolingbrokeAdd initial .gitignore
2011-03-24  Ian LynaghInclude HsUnix.h earlier in System/Posix/Files.hsc ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2011-01-17  Ian LynaghAdd NondecreasingIndentation to the list of extensions
2011-01-01  Ian LynaghProper autoconf test for sem_close's library; fixes...
2010-12-10  Simon Marlowrun forkprocess01 with +RTS -ls too, to test #4512
2010-12-08  Dmitry AstapovClarify behavior of "awaitSignal Nothing", export Signa...
2010-11-16  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove unnecessary fromIntegral calls
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghBump version to
2010-09-09  Ross Patersonavoid Foreign.unsafePerformIO
2010-05-17  Eric MertensAdd bindings for setting effective user-id and group-id
2010-06-02  Simon MarlowAllow base-4.3
2010-05-18  Simon Marlowadd a comment about 3816 failing due to Samba
2010-04-18  Matthias KilianProvide a dummy input file for queryfdoption01
2010-04-30  Simon Marlowmention that forkProcess is not supported with +RTS...
2010-03-29  Simon Marlowmake getAllGroupEntries work when called again; fixes...
2010-03-29  Simon Marlowadd test for #3816
2010-03-22  Simon Marlowfix warnings
2010-03-19  Simon MarlowhandleToFd: close both sides of a DuplexHandle (#3914)
2010-01-27  Simon Marlowcheck for EINTR in openFd
2010-01-27  Simon Marlowaccept --with-cc to set the path to gcc (#2966)
2010-01-19  gwern0@gmail.comSystem.Posix.Temp: rm whitespace
2010-01-19  gwern0@gmail.comSystem.Posix.Temp: pad input filenames with 6 Xs
2010-01-19  gwern0@gmail.comSystem.Posix.Temp: improve haddocks for mkstemp to...
2010-01-13  Simon Marlowfix base dependency: should be >= 4.2 (#3780), and...
2009-12-31  Simon Marlowno good reason these tests should be expect_fail, as...
2009-12-21  Simon MarlowSupport for DragonFly
2009-12-21  Simon MarlowDon't use absolute paths to headers (#3728)
2009-12-21  Simon MarlowAdd Haiku (#3727)
2009-12-16  Simon Marlow#include <fcntl.h>, not <sys/fcntl.h> (#3723)
2009-11-11  Simon Marlowforking works in GHCi too
2009-10-21  Simon Marlowadd a test for #1185
2009-10-08  Simon Marlowrun fdReadBuf only the threaded ways (fixed unregisteri...
2009-09-23  Ian LynaghAdd a test from trac #2969
2009-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version to
2009-09-17  Simon MarlowAdd comments about why user001 might fail on Linux.
2009-09-11  Ian LynaghAllow building with base 4.2
2009-09-08  Simon Marlowremove dead code
2009-09-08  Simon MarlowUse Foreign.Concurrent for Haskell finalizers (#3473)
2009-08-01  Simon MarlowUpdate to follow RTS tidyp changes
2009-07-23  Simon MarlowNetBSD does not have support for symbol versioning...