2019-03-12  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2019-03-12  Ryan ScottFactor out haskell-ci configuration
2019-01-22  Gabor GreifTypofix
2019-01-12  Fabricio de... Fix typo on docs
2018-12-10  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-11-06  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-10-17  Ryan ScottRegenerate .travis.yml
2018-10-17  Ryan ScottUse wildcards in tested-with versions
2018-08-01  Ben GamariResource: Fix warning in case of no RLIM_SAVED_{CUR...
2018-07-30  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #118
2018-07-30  Oleg GrenrusRemove HSUNIX_EXECVPE_H_NO_COMPAT hack
2018-07-30  Oleg GrenrusAllow time-1.9
2018-07-04  Oleg GrenrusTry omit-local-package (#116)
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottRevert "Travis: Use GHC 8.6.1"
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTravis: Use GHC 8.6.1
2018-06-03  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.3 on Travis
2018-05-02  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #109 from haskell/travis-new-build
2018-05-02  Ryan Scott--no-installed travis-new-build
2018-05-02  Ryan ScottUpdate Travis script to use haskell-ci
2018-04-17  Ryan ScottFix tests after #59
2018-04-17  Ryan ScottBump upper bound on base to < 4.13 (#108)
2018-02-26  Niklas HambüchenAdd comment why `closeFd` doesn't have to retry on...
2018-02-23  Herbert Valerio... Add missing '@since' annotations
2018-02-23  Herbert Valerio... Perform overdue version bump
2018-02-03  Julian OspaldAdd support for more OpenFileFlags and refactor 'openFd...
2017-11-29  Ben GamariMerge pull request #104 from bgamari/unsupported-modes
2017-11-28  Ben GamariRip out poorly supported termios modes
2017-11-02  Chris MartinSystem.Posix.Signals: add haddock on signals
2017-09-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2017-08-09  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #99 from bbarenblat/master
2017-08-09  Eric MertensAdd IXANY, changelog entries, and TerminalMode comments
2017-08-08  Eric MertensAdd OFDEL Terminal mode. Add haddock comment marker
2017-08-01  Ben Gamaritests/fdReadBuf001: Add some debug output
2017-07-05  Benjamin BarenblatSystem.Posix.Terminal: Add more terminal modes
2017-06-23  Eric MertensMerge pull request #97 from gwils/gitignore-cabal-sandb... v2.7.2.2
2017-06-23  Eric Mertens.ghc.environment has a leading dot
2017-06-22  George WilsonIgnore ghc.environment.* too
2017-06-22  George Wilsongitignore cabal sandbox and new-build artifacts
2017-05-11  Moritz AngermannUpdate
2017-05-11  Moritz AngermannAndroid doesn’t have mkstemps
2017-05-11  Moritz AngermannUpdate config.{guess,sub}
2017-04-30  Herbert Valerio... Update changelog and increment package version
2017-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Merge pull request #92 from zw3rk/feature/seekdir
2017-03-20  Moritz AngermannAndroid doesn’t have telldir/seekdir in bionic
2017-03-15  Ben GamariMerge pull request #90 from zw3rk/feature/android
2017-03-15  Moritz AngermannDefine _POSIX_VDISABLE, if not defined.
2017-02-20  Ben GamariMerge pull request #89 from bgamari/master
2017-02-20  Ben GamariBump time upper bound
2017-02-14  Eric MertensMerge pull request #84 from nh2/fix-createSymbolicLink...
2017-02-08  Niklas HambüchenFix error message of `createSymbolicLink`.
2016-12-15  Ben GamariFix posix005 test
2016-11-20  Herbert Valerio... Relax upper bound on `time` to allow time-1.7
2016-11-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Ensure that posix005 output is normalized
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-11-11  Herbert Valerio... Prepare for release
2016-10-16  Eric MertensMerge pull request #77 from glguy/patch-76
2016-10-13  Eric MertensAdd argument documentation for Env modules
2016-09-08  Edward Z. YangMerge pull request #73 from ezyang/pr/fix-segfault
2016-09-08  Edward Z. YangFix segfault from inconsistent macro use.
2016-09-06  Erik de Castro... Merge pull request #72 from erikd/topic/readdir-deprecated
2016-09-06  Erik de Castro... Don't use readdir_r if deprecated
2016-09-06  Erik de Castro... Merge pull request #71 from erikd/topic/travis
2016-09-06  Erik de Castro... Fix travis build
2016-06-24  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: remove no_stdin
2016-06-02  Eric MertensAdd GHC 7.10.2/3 and 8.0.1 to travis.yml
2016-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Update changelog for release v2.7.2.0
2016-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Convert /since/ to @since syntax
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaCleanup one more test
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: don't use only_compiler_types, assume ghc
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Add comment regarding genericRaise use
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Have Autoconf test for _NSGetEnviron presence
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Fix Haddock markup
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Minor tweaks to HsUnix.h
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use `#const` rather than FFI wrapper for PATH_MAX
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_unsetenv` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use CApiFFI for `ptsname(3)` et al for GHC>=8.0
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use `open(2)` directly rather than via `__hscore_open()`
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Merge dirUtils.c into HsUnix.c
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use more direct CApiFFI for pPrPr_disableITimers
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Provide execvpe prototype if missing
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Add links to Opengroup's latest POSIX.1-2008 spec
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... gitignore
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Delete some trailing whitespaces
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Bump to
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Minor cleanups to unix.cabal file
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_getpw{nam,uid_r}` wrappers with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hscore_mk{dtemp,stemp,stemps}` wrappers...
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hscore_{set,get}rlimit` wrappers with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Avoid redundant prototypes for ptsname(3) et al
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Drop redundant __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ conditionals for...
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Drop bitrotting HUGS support
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_nanosleep` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Remove obsolete windows-related #ifdefs
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Add CTYPE annotations to ptr types used for FFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_getpwent` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_mknod` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_lstat` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Move WCOREDUMP(s) compat `#define` to `HsUnix.h`
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `<sys/wait.h>` macro wrappers with CApiFFI
2016-01-30  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_times` wrapper with CApiFFI