last changeTue, 19 Apr 2016 17:38:13 +0000 (19:38 +0200)
2016-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Update changelog for release master v2.7.2.0
2016-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Convert /since/ to @since syntax
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaCleanup one more test
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: don't use only_compiler_types, assume ghc
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Add comment regarding genericRaise use
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Have Autoconf test for _NSGetEnviron presence
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Fix Haddock markup
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Minor tweaks to HsUnix.h
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use `#const` rather than FFI wrapper for PATH_MAX
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Replace `__hsunix_unsetenv` wrapper with CApiFFI
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use CApiFFI for `ptsname(3)` et al for GHC>=8.0
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use `open(2)` directly rather than via `__hscore_open()`
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Merge dirUtils.c into HsUnix.c
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Use more direct CApiFFI for pPrPr_disableITimers
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Provide execvpe prototype if missing
2016-01-31  Herbert Valerio... Add links to Opengroup's latest POSIX.1-2008 spec
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