fixed up file names
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2017-05-21  Carter Tazio Schonwaldfixed up file names
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio Schonwaldcorrect the PCG module name to reflect that its the...
2017-04-17  Carter Tazio Schonwaldformmatting tweaks to splitmix code plus enabling wall
2017-03-07  Christopher ChalmersAdd PCG internal module
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio Schonwaldbasic sampler values
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio Schonwalddrop comments
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio SchonwaldRandomT in the style of s -> m (a,s) is working
2017-02-10  Carter Tazio Schonwaldinitial attempt to see how far i could get with s...
2017-01-15  Carter Tazio Schonwaldpure Splitmix implementation v2