Added Unknowns for higher kinds
[packages/random.git] / Data /
2006-11-24  simonpj@microsoftAdd comments about argument order to the definitions...
2006-11-24  Don StewartAdd an example of the use of unfoldr, following doc...
2006-11-23  Ross Patersontrim imports
2006-11-12  Ross Patersonremove Data.FunctorM and Data.Queue
2006-11-22  Ross Patersonmake Data.Graph portable (no change to the interface)
2006-11-20  Don StewartOne less unsafeCoerce# in the tree
2006-11-20  Ross Patersontypo in comment
2006-11-17  Ross Patersonfix shift docs to match ffi spec
2006-11-10  Don StewartThe wrong 'cycle' was exported from Data.ByteString...
2006-11-10  Don StewartLPS chunk sizes should be 16 bytes, not 17.
2006-11-10  Ross Patersonmove fix to Data.Function
2006-11-10  Ross Patersonimport Prelude
2006-11-10  Nils Anders DanielssonAdded Data.Function (Trac ticket #979).
2006-11-02  Josef SvenningssonAdd intercalate to Data.List (ticket #971)
2006-10-12  Samuel BronsonUse unchecked shifts to implement Data.Bits.rotate
2006-11-06  Ross Patersonfix Haddock module headers
2006-11-06  Ross Patersonfix example in docs
2006-10-24  Josef SvenningssonAdd intercalate and split to Data.List
2006-11-02  Ross PatersonData.Generics.Basics is GHC-only
2006-11-02  Malcolm.Wallace... #ifdef around non-portable Data.Generics.Basics
2006-11-01  simonpj@microsoftAdd deriving Data to Complex
2006-10-24  Josef SvenningssonAdd intercalate and split to Data.List
2006-10-19  simonpj@microsoftUse the new Any type for dynamics (GHC only)
2006-10-09  Samuel BronsonInline shift in GHC's Bits instances for {Int,Word...
2006-10-05  Don StewartData.ByteString: fix lazyness of take, drop & splitAt
2006-09-29  Ross PatersonHugs only: unbreak typeRepKey
2006-09-27  Simon Marlowadd typeRepKey :: TypeRep -> IO Int
2006-09-26  Ross Patersonfix header comment
2006-09-10  jeanphilippe.berna... Add strict versions of insertWith and insertWithKey...
2006-09-09  Don StewartSync Data.ByteString with stable branch
2006-09-01  John GoerzenCleaner isInfixOf suggestion from Ross Paterson
2006-08-31  John GoerzenNew function isInfixOf that searches a list for a given...
2006-09-03  jeanphilippe.berna... Better doc on Data.Map.lookup: explain what the monad...
2006-08-31  Ross Patersonmark nhc98 import hack
2006-08-31  Simon Marlowremove some outdated comments
2006-08-31  Malcolm.Wallace... import Control.Arrow.ArrowZero to help nhc98's type...
2006-08-30  Ross Patersonadd Data.Foldable.{msum,asum}, plus tweaks to comments
2006-08-30  Ross Patersonadd Data.Foldable.{for_,forM_} and Data.Traversable...
2006-08-28  Don StewartHide internal module from haddock in Data.ByteString
2006-08-27  Ross Patersonadd advice on avoiding import ambiguities
2006-08-27  Ross Patersonexpand advice on importing these modules
2006-08-27  Ross Patersonadd Haddock marker
2006-08-24  Ross Patersondocument minimal complete definition for Bits
2006-08-23  Esa Ilari VuokkoAdd shared Typeable support (ghc only)
2006-08-24  Don Stewartexplicitly tag Data.ByteString rules with the FPS prefix.
2006-08-24  Don StewartAdd spec rules for sections in Data.ByteString
2006-08-23  Don StewartSync Data.ByteString with current stable branch, 0.7
2006-08-19  Ross Patersonremove extra comma from import
2006-08-18  Malcolm.Wallace... use Haskell'98 compliant indentation in do blocks
2006-08-18  Malcolm.Wallace... use correct names of IOArray operations for nhc98
2006-08-17  Ross Patersonadd mapMaybe and mapEither, plus WithKey variants
2006-08-12  Ross Patersonmarkup fix to Data.HashTable
2006-08-11  Ross Patersonfix Data.HashTable for non-GHC
2006-08-11  Simon MarlowJan-Willem Maessen's improved implementation of Data...
2006-08-10  Ross Paterson(non-GHC only) track MArray interface change
2006-08-09  Simon MarlowRemove deprecated Data.FiniteMap and Data.Set interfaces
2006-08-09  Simon MarlowChange the API of MArray to allow resizable arrays
2006-08-08  Simon Marlowdeprecate this module.
2006-07-11  Malcolm.Wallace... disambiguate uses of foldr for nhc98 to compile without...
2006-07-03  Don StewartAvoid strictness in accumulator for unpackFoldr
2006-07-02  Don StewartDisable unpack/build fusion
2006-07-01  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString.Lazy, improve ByteString Fusion...
2006-06-22  Ross Patersoncomments for Applicative and Traversable
2006-06-16  jeanphilippe.berna... Add minView and maxView to Map and Set
2006-05-25  Don StewartMerge in changes from fps head. Highlights:
2006-05-20  Don StewartSync with FPS head, including the following patches:
2006-05-18  Ross Patersonsimplify indexing in Data.Sequence
2006-05-18  Don StewartcopyCString* should be in IO. Spotted by Tomasz Zielonka
2006-05-17  Duncan Couttsadd import Prelude to get dependencies right for Data...
2006-05-17  Don StewartFix negative index handling in splitAt, replicate and...
2006-05-13  Don StewartUse our own realloc. Thus reduction functions (like...
2006-05-12  Don StewartLast two CInt fixes for 64 bit, and bracket writeFile...
2006-05-10  Don StewartSome small optimisations, generalise the type of unfold
2006-05-09  Don StewartTwo things. #if defined(__GLASGOW_HASKELL__) on INLINE...
2006-05-08  Don StewartSync with FPS head.
2006-05-08  Don StewartFix all uses for Int that should be CInt or CSize in...
2006-05-07  Sven PanneFixed import list syntax
2006-05-07 filterF, filterNotByte
2006-05-07 faster find, findIndex. Hint from sjanssen
2006-05-06 May 6 13:01:34 EST 2006 Don Stewart <dons@cse...
2006-05-05 array fusion versions of map, filter and foldl
2006-05-03 with FPS head
2006-05-03  Simon MarlowFix string truncating in hGetLine -- it was a pasto...
2006-04-29  Don StewartMerge in Data.ByteString head. Fixes ByteString+cbits...
2006-04-28  Don StewartImport Data.ByteString from fps 0.5.
2006-04-26  Ashley Yakeleyfix for Haddock 0.7
2006-04-25  Ashley Yakeleyadd Data.Fixed module
2006-04-24  Ross Patersonadd instances
2006-04-11  Ross Patersonadd superclasses to Applicative and Traversable
2006-04-06  Simon Marlowin the show instance for Exception, print the type...
2006-03-15  jeanphilippe.berna... Added 'alter'
2006-03-15  Ross Patersondeprecate FunctorM in favour of Foldable and Traversable
2006-03-13  Simon MarlowSimplify Eq, Ord, and Show instances for UArray
2006-03-11  jeanphilippe.berna... Oops typo in intSet notMember
2006-03-11  jeanphilippe.berna... IntMap lookup now returns monad instead of Maybe.
2006-03-11  jeanphilippe.berna... Added notMember to Data.IntSet and Data.IntMap
2006-03-09  John Meachamadd Data.Set.notMember and Data.Map.notMember
2006-02-09  Ross Patersontypo in comment in Foldable class
2006-02-06  Ross Patersonsimplify fmap
2006-02-06  Ross Patersonupdate ref in comment