last changeThu, 1 Mar 2018 18:51:20 +0000 (13:51 -0500)
2018-03-01  Carter Tazio... add ord insance to splitmix generator datatype master
2017-12-26  Carter Tazio... Notes / References for constructing a splitmix rng...
2017-12-26  Carter Tazio... setting up the skeleton for a 1.3 mostly compatible...
2017-12-25  Carter Tazio... making the mangling safe for ghc 8.4 and above
2017-11-07  Carter Tazio... some formatting cleanup and current task list
2017-06-03  Carter Tazio... add vector dependency for now and clean up the permutat...
2017-06-01  Carter Tazio... lots of miscellaneous cleanups
2017-06-01  Carter Tazio... my permutations type check but i haven’t tested them...
2017-05-30  Carter Tazio... design notes on the permutation algorithm
2017-05-30  Carter Tazio... can now uniformly sample any Word64 interval of the...
2017-05-29  Carter Tazio... rejection sampling for uniform intervals of smallish...
2017-05-27  Carter Tazio... basic polar method rejection sampler for normal distrib...
2017-05-26  Carter Tazio... provisional fast and really sloppy unit interval genera...
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... fix case on
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... fixed up file names
2017-05-21  Carter Tazio... correct the PCG module name to reflect that its the...
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