last changeFri, 17 May 2019 17:03:06 +0000 (13:03 -0400)
3 days ago  Andrew Martinadd functions for working with pinned PrimArrays (... master
3 days ago  Carter Tazio... mark the 8.8.1 RC as a ghc head so hackage-head patches...
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... add some updated to the changelog plus add 8.8.1 to...
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... lets test only most recent 8.6.5, not earlier bug fix...
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... Doc cleanups regarding "Affine" safety assumption on...
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... getting this working right in 7.10 for the test suite
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... this is gonna be v0.7 just to be clear :)
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... add semigroup dep for testsuite
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... fix noduplicate support on older ghc
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... regenerated travis file
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... kill an unused import
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... more misc cleanups
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... remove word8 reexport
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... move the prim laws out of QC so we can workshop them
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... vendoring qc-classes in test suite for now
4 days ago  Carter Tazio... removing unlifted array support, removing Addr data...
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