Update Git repo URL in `.cabal` file
[packages/old-time.git] / old-time.cabal
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Git repo URL in `.cabal` file
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghBump base lower version to 4.5 (the version GHC 7.4...
2012-11-30  Ian LynaghAdd comment to .cabal file saying what GHC 7.6.1 shippe...
2012-07-10  Paolo CapriottiBump version to ghc-7.6 ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release old-time-
2011-09-25  Ian LynaghTighten base dep to >= 4.4 as we need CSUSeconds; fixes...
2011-07-06  Ian LynaghBump version number ghc-7.2 ghc-7.2.1-release ghc-7.2.2-release
2011-04-08  Ian LynaghUpdate source repo location to be the git repo in ...
2010-09-16  Ian LynaghBump version number ->
2010-05-09  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2010-01-27  Ian LynaghBump version number
2009-12-14  Sergei Trofimovichfixed 'cabal sdist'
2009-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version to
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-01-22  Ian LynaghRequire Cabal version >= 1.6
2009-01-22  Ian LynaghMove the "nhc98-options" field to the right part of...
2009-01-21  Ian LynaghAdd "bug-reports" and "source-repository" info to the...
2008-09-20  Ian LynaghBump version number to
2008-08-24  Ross Patersonadd category field 6_10_branch_has_been_forked
2008-08-24  Ross Patersonadd extra-source-files
2007-10-18  Duncan CouttsSpecify build-type: Configure
2007-08-24  Simon Marlowdelete configure droppings in setup clean 2007-09-13 ghc-6_8_branched_2007-09-03
2007-06-13  Bertram Felgenhauerinstall HsTimeConfig.h
2007-05-29  Malcolm.Wallace... increase stack size when building with nhc98
2007-05-19  Ian LynaghWe now depend on old-locale old-time_2007-05-24
2007-05-19  Ian LynaghRemove non-time stuff (of base), and rename package...