[project @ 2003-06-05 00:49:31 by diatchki]
authordiatchki <unknown>
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 00:49:36 +0000 (00:49 +0000)
committerdiatchki <unknown>
Thu, 5 Jun 2003 00:49:36 +0000 (00:49 +0000)
[project @ 2003-06-05 00:49:31 by diatchki]
a huge commit.

overall changes
1. moved the new monad transformer library to its own branch as simon suggested
2. attempted to integrate it with the make system, which mostly works,
except "make install" tries to add the package _before_ copying the library files to
their location.  i don't understand what is going wrong, could someone take a look?

library specific
3. the library is now using the standard "MonadFix" class as sugested by ross.
   the instances are defined in each transformer file.
4. moved "Utils.hs" file to a "Private" directory to indicate that programs should not use it
5. removed the file "Types.hs", now the type for each transformer is defined in the relevant file.
6. added a few tests
34 files changed:
Control/Monad/X/Cont.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/ContT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Error.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/ErrorT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Fix.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Identity.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Monads.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Nondet.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/NondetT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/README [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Reader.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/ReaderT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Resume.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/ResumeT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/State.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/StateT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Trans.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Transformers.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Types.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Utils.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/Writer.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/WriterT.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/laws/Prop.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/laws/Reader.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/laws/Writer.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/ContTests.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/Error.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/ExceptionTests.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/Nondet.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/Reader.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/ReaderNondet.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/State.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/Writer.hs [deleted file]
Control/Monad/X/tests/testNondet.hs [deleted file]