2014-06-01  Edward KmettDrop "zero or plus" section of the description v2.2.1
2014-06-01  Edward KmettControl.Monad.Except CHANGELOG entry
2014-06-01  Edward KmettAdd Control.Monad.Except
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettdeprecate Control.Monad.Error if we aren't going to...
2014-06-01  Edward KmettAdd a 2.2.1 CHANGELOG entry
2014-06-01  Edward KmettProvide CPP guarded MINIMAL pragmas for GHC 7.8 to...
2014-06-01  Edward KmettFix import of Except to avoid warning
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettstop warning about the deprecation of ErrorT on import...
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettversion bump
2014-05-12  Edward Kmettupdate .travis.yml to notify IRC
2014-05-12  Herbert Valerio... Enhance Travis-CI job to test GHC>=7.0
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettwork around the new export style for transformers 0...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmett2.2 CHANGELOG entries
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadCont m => MonadCont (ExceptT e m)
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadRWS r w s m => MonadRWS r w s (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadState s m => MonadState s (ExceptT e m)
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadReader r m => MonadReader r (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadWriter w m => MonadWriter w (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward KmettMonadError for ExceptT
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettre-export modify'
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettadded modify' to Control.Monad.State.Class
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettbasic support for transformers 0.4
2014-03-24  Edward Kmett2.1.3.1: build without warnings on GHC 7.8
2013-07-12  Edward KmettAdded a CHANGELOG
2013-07-12  Edward KmettRemoved the spurious Error constraint from MonadError...
2012-06-23  Edward Kmettpatch to take catch/ioError from Control.Exception...
2012-05-10  Edward Kmettbug reporting
2012-05-10  Edward Kmetttravis ci support
2012-04-23  Edward Kmettversion bump to go with the bugfixes & warning improvements
2012-04-23  Edward A. KmettMerge pull request #1 from meteficha/master
2012-04-22  Felipe LessaFix warning about MonadRWS no having class methods.
2012-04-22  Felipe LessaFix horrible mistake in MonadState.state's default...
2012-04-22  Felipe LessaAdd -Wall but without warnings about unused imports.
2012-04-08  Edward Kmett2.1 release candidate
2012-04-08  Edward Kmett.gitignore
2012-01-25  Edward Kmettnoted maintainer, added repository link to cabal
2012-01-25  Edward Kmettrepository initialized