2018-07-01  Ryan ScottRevert "Travis: Use GHC 8.6.1"
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottRevert "Try NOINSTALLEDCONSTRAINTS=true"
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTry NOINSTALLEDCONSTRAINTS=true
2018-07-01  Ryan ScottTravis: Use GHC 8.6.1
2018-06-14  Marco ZoccaMerge pull request #57 from mrBliss/documentation-fix
2018-06-14  Thomas WinantDocumentation fix: MonadFoo instead of StateFoo
2018-06-11  Edward KmettMerge pull request #56 from owickstrom/docs
2018-06-10  Oskar WickströmImprovements based on @ocramz feedback
2018-06-10  Oskar WickströmImprove "first contact" aspect in README file
2018-06-03  Ryan ScottRe-add accidentally removed HADDOCK=false
2018-06-03  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.3 on Travis
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.4.2 on Travis
2018-03-29  Richard CookAdd imports to Control.Monad.Reader examples and other...
2018-03-08  Ryan ScottFully enable GHC 8.4.1 on Travis
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Explicitly declare the API contract of `mtl` to be... v2.2.2
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Add `@since` annotations
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Fix module-name reference haddock markup
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Fix two more broken Haddock references
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Fix broken Haddock reference
2018-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Turn module name into haddock reference in DEPRECATED
2018-01-17  Ryan ScottEven simpler .travis.yml
2018-01-16  Ryan ScottUpgrade multi-ghc-travis setup
2017-11-22  Ryan ScottUse GHC 8.2.2 on Travis
2017-11-21  Ryan ScottMore Haddock cleanup
2017-11-21  Chris DueckFix typos in the ExceptT warning docs (#50)
2017-11-20  Edward Kmetttypo fix and trailing whitespace removal
2017-11-20  Edward KmettMerge pull request #49 from saurabhnanda/patch-1
2017-11-20  Saurabh NandaPut a warning about how ExceptT is different from Contr...
2017-08-29  Ryan ScottMention #36, #37, and #46 in the CHANGELOG
2017-08-29  Ryan ScottBeef up .gitignore
2017-08-29  Ryan ScottGuard MonadWriter instance for (,) behind CPP
2017-08-29  Ryan ScottExplicitly import Maybe(..)
2017-08-29  Edward KmettMerge pull request #37 from ElvishJerricco/master
2017-08-29  Edward KmettMerge pull request #36 from obadz/patch-1
2017-08-29  Edward KmettMerge pull request #46 from Taneb/master
2017-08-29  Nathan van... Add MonadWriter instance for bare tuples
2017-08-16  Ryan ScottAdd more GHC-generated directories to .gitignore
2017-08-08  Ryan ScottFix GNUmakefile capitalization
2017-08-01  Doug WilsonUpdate .gitignore (#45)
2017-07-24  Ryan ScottMerge branch 'kantp-master'
2017-07-24  Ryan ScottUse the implemention of modify' from transformers
2017-07-24  Ryan ScottMerge branch 'master' of
2017-07-20  Ryan ScottAdd a README
2017-07-20  Ricky Elrod[docs typo] easy done -> easily done (#22)
2017-07-20  Nico SchotteliusFix broken link to the paper 'Generalising Monads to...
2017-07-20  Herbert Valerio... Update URLs in mtl.cabal to reflect new home
2017-07-18  Edward KmettMerge pull request #43 from hvr/pr/cabal110
2017-07-18  Herbert Valerio... Skip haddock generation on GHC 7.6.3 due to haddock bug
2017-07-18  Herbert Valerio... Update Travis CI job
2017-07-18  Herbert Valerio... Modernize .cabal file
2016-09-28  Edward KmettMerge pull request #33 from tmcgilchrist/topic/no-partial
2016-07-08  ElvishJerriccoAdded `liftEither` for lifting Either into MonadError
2016-06-07  obadzadd instance MonadError () Maybe
2016-04-14  Tim McGilchristReplace partial fromJust with maybe.
2015-12-24  Edward KmettMerge pull request #31 from phadej/transformers-0.5
2015-12-23  Oleg GrenrusSupport transformers-0.5
2015-12-23  Oleg GrenrusUpdate .travis.yml
2015-09-07  Edward KmettMake Control.Monad.Identity re-export IdentityT from...
2015-09-07  Edward Kmettimprove the homogeneity of how we express MINIMAL pragmas
2015-06-24  Edward KmettMerge pull request #24 from zerobuzz/update-docs-for...
2015-06-24  Matthias FischmannDocs: explain more clearly when Error instances are...
2015-06-24  Matthias FischmannDocs: drop spurious catchError.
2015-03-07  Edward Kmettuse cabal 1.22?
2015-03-07  Edward KmettMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-07  Edward Kmettadd explicit 7.10.1 testing, upgrade 7.8.x target to...
2014-09-09  Edward KmettMerge pull request #17 from cosmo0920/patch-1
2014-09-09  cosmofix wrong module name in comment
2014-08-19  Edward KmettMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-19  Edward KmettDocumentation fix (noted by @hvr)
2014-06-15  Edward KmettMerge pull request #14 from dmjio/master
2014-06-15  David JohnsonChanged Identity bind definition
2014-06-05  PhilippEnsure strictness in the state in modify'.
2014-06-01  Edward KmettDrop "zero or plus" section of the description v2.2.1
2014-06-01  Edward KmettControl.Monad.Except CHANGELOG entry
2014-06-01  Edward KmettAdd Control.Monad.Except
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettdeprecate Control.Monad.Error if we aren't going to...
2014-06-01  Edward KmettAdd a 2.2.1 CHANGELOG entry
2014-06-01  Edward KmettProvide CPP guarded MINIMAL pragmas for GHC 7.8 to...
2014-06-01  Edward KmettFix import of Except to avoid warning
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettstop warning about the deprecation of ErrorT on import...
2014-06-01  Edward Kmettversion bump
2014-05-12  Edward Kmettupdate .travis.yml to notify IRC
2014-05-12  Herbert Valerio... Enhance Travis-CI job to test GHC>=7.0
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettwork around the new export style for transformers 0...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmett2.2 CHANGELOG entries
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadCont m => MonadCont (ExceptT e m)
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadRWS r w s m => MonadRWS r w s (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadState s m => MonadState s (ExceptT e m)
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadReader r m => MonadReader r (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettinstance MonadWriter w m => MonadWriter w (ExceptT...
2014-05-05  Edward KmettMonadError for ExceptT
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettre-export modify'
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettadded modify' to Control.Monad.State.Class
2014-05-05  Edward Kmettbasic support for transformers 0.4
2014-03-24  Edward Kmett2.1.3.1: build without warnings on GHC 7.8
2013-07-12  Edward KmettAdded a CHANGELOG
2013-07-12  Edward KmettRemoved the spurious Error constraint from MonadError...
2012-06-23  Edward Kmettpatch to take catch/ioError from Control.Exception...
2012-05-10  Edward Kmettbug reporting
2012-05-10  Edward Kmetttravis ci support