2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangFix premature termination of fixpoint iteration.
2011-03-30  Edward Z. YangMake local signature more restrictive, eliminates incom...
2011-03-28  Norman Ramseychange README to trigger git hook
2011-03-28  Norman Ramseybump the Cabal package number and upload to Hackage
2011-01-19  Edward Z. YangFix warnings.
2011-01-07  Norman Ramseyadded embryonic validate script
2010-12-25  Edward Z. YangMake Hoopl work with MonoLocalBinds.
2010-08-18  Simon Peyton... Move LICENSE file up one level
2010-08-13  Simon Peyton... Add the location of the src/ directory to hoopl.cabal
2010-08-13  Simon Peyton... Move hoopl.cabal and Setup.hs from src/ to the root.
2010-07-30  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of /home/nr/papers/simon...
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyuploaded to Hackage; bumped version number post-upload
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyrenamed forward 'add' function in Combinators.hs to...
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyremoved obsolete code from Dataflow.hs
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyexpunged BwdRew
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyclean up the typesetting in the appendices
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseypreprint version
2010-07-30  Norman RamseyText version of references as given to Sheridan.
2010-07-30  Norman RamseyBuild PS file without appendix.
2010-07-30  Norman RamseyRealized that classifications could be condensed, conde...
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyadded fixpoint in an appendix (for web version only)
2010-07-29  Norman RamseyCorrected a handful of errors and made a couple dozen...
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseycamera-ready formatting
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyfinal spell check
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyfinal page-breaking and cross-reference
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyfinal revision of discussion section
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyremove noise from bibliography
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyignore new derived file block.tex
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyvery delicate page breaks, good through page 13 at...
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseydo def/use analysis on \smallfuzzverbatiminput stuff
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyget implementation of 'block' from the code
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseywordsmithing
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseynow that Figure 5 is correct, make it readable again
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseywordsmithing
2010-07-29  Norman RamseyTinkering with language on page 6 to avoid a ghastly...
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyfixing language in Section 4, but now wrestling with...
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseywordsmithing, plus nice page breaks through page 3...
2010-07-28  Norman Ramsey"shape" was defined before use. that's fixed.
2010-07-28  Norman Ramseyrighteous page-break fu
2010-07-28  Norman RamseyHackage version consistent with paper
2010-07-28  Norman RamseyWording in sections 2 and 3, with attention on a couple...
2010-07-28  Norman Ramseytightening and formatting on page 1
2010-07-28  Norman RamseyLink to full version of entire paper, not to supplement.
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseywork with JOhn on discussion section and a few marginalia
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseycategories, subject descriptors, messing with formattin...
2010-07-27  Joao DiasComments proposing slash and burn in Discussion
2010-07-27  Joao Diaswibble
2010-07-27  Joao DiasHolding the reader's hand a little more through the...
2010-07-27  Joao DiasWibbles on last night's commits
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyfiddled some with figures and page breaks
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyreformatted and renamed code imported into the paper...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseymassaged the performance section to make it clear that...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyExpunged FwdGraphAndTail from paper, and with it the...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyStriving for a little more consistency in the presentat...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyremoved obsolete marginalia
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseymore type signatures; careful treatment of FactBAse
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyFixed bug in constant propagation from old 'mkFactBase'
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyignore new derived file cat.tex
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseycommit reviews
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyfix bug in mkFactBase when labels are duplicated in...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyreplaced FwdGraphAndTail with an ordinary pair
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyfix malformed type in rewrite example in paper
2010-07-27  Norman RamseySmall Rew module in which we tested rewriting with...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyPull the type signature and implementation of 'cat...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyExotic uses of fuel are possible without changing the...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseytag new defined identifiers
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyNo need to export FwdGraphAndTail, we think
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyPull 'node' signature from Dataflow.hs, also redo ...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseycut the paragraph on unique representation
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyReplaced \ifcutting with \ifnotcutting
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyMerged the section on edges with the section on NonLocal
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyextend API figure to include LabelMap, addBlock, blockUnion
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyfix title banner with easy on/off
2010-07-26  Joao DiasMerge branch 'three-eight' of linux:/r/c--/papers/dfopt...
2010-07-26  Joao DiasWibbles.
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyquick cut at rewriting
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyimplemented some \simon things
2010-07-26  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseynotes from call with SImon
2010-07-26  unknownPara from Simon in Section 8 about handing off fuel...
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyfor comparison, a full monadic version of rewrite
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseythe success continuation could be nicer
2010-07-26  Norman RamseyFormal explanation of rewriting via CPS sketch (typechecks)
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyrolled back 3 or 4 of Simon's edits, and cleaned up...
2010-07-26  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-26  Norman RamseyFix PDF title
2010-07-26  Simon Peyton... Small edits from Simon, adding many \simon notes
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseyrepaired all LaTeX warnings except on page 15 (the...
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseyeliminated all remaining undefined identifiers
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseywibble
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyTided sections 5, 6, and 7
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyIMPORTANT: explanation of rewriting without appeal...
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyBetter, more consistent examples of why the client...
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyCorrect (wrong) description of initial facts for consta...
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseybad parentheses! no biscuit!
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseybetter(?) explanation of the CkpointMonad constraint...
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseyadjusted placement of figures and tables; minor edits...
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseyalign result types in definition of Node (FIgure 1)