Apply Safe Haskell flag for newer GHCs only.
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2016-04-04  Ning WangMerge pull request #31 from bgamari/master
2016-01-18  Jan StolarekUpdate Travis to build with GHC 8.0.1
2015-05-06  Ning WangThe test needs extra modulars. I add the command to...
2015-05-06  Ning WangTravis still run ghc-7.0.1 to compile this package...
2015-05-05  Ning Wangenable the test in Travis CI
2015-04-14  Herbert Valerio... Fix typos in .travis.yml
2015-04-14  Herbert Valerio... Update Travis CI job file
2013-10-25  Herbert Valerio... Add Travis-CI `.travis.yml` script