horrible, horrible experiments with folds
[packages/hoopl.git] / src / mkfile
2010-04-16  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'master' into with-passes -- and add a...
2010-04-15  Norman Ramseymkfile changes to run 'cabal configure' lazily
2010-04-10  Norman Ramseymore mkfile targets; always install with documentation
2010-04-07  Norman RamseySome convenient mkfile targets for test, install, upload.
2010-04-07  Joao DiasAlong with the merge, the name Node was stolen from...
2010-04-07  Norman Ramsey'mk dist' now does something hopeful
2010-04-07  Norman RamseyInclude README and paper in the package.
2010-04-05  Norman Ramseyadded clean target to mkfile and gnu makefile
2010-04-05  Norman RamseyCreated a mkfile