Don't import Applicative explicitly
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2014-04-22  Austin SeippDon't import Applicative explicitly
2013-10-25  Herbert Valerio... Add Functor/Applicative instances to silence AMP warnings
2013-10-25  Herbert Valerio... Update `LANGUAGE` pragma lists
2012-11-06  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'master' of /home/nr/tmp/hoopl-patched
2012-10-29  Bernhard UrbanSimpleUniqueMonad: define instance for Functor
2012-07-18  Simon Marlowadd mapFilter
2012-07-17  Simon Marlowsmall optimisations to blockSnoc and blockCons
2012-07-13  Ian LynaghFix build with GHC 7.0 ghc-7.6 ghc-7.6.1-release ghc-7.6.2-release ghc-7.6.3-release hoopl-
2012-07-06  Simon MarlowPut back the newtype around Label
2012-07-06  Simon MarlowRename BTail -> BCons, BHead -> BSnoc
2012-07-06  Simon Marlowadd TypeSynonymInstances
2012-07-05  Simon Marlowadd some missing exports
2012-07-05  Simon Marlowfix warnings
2012-07-04  Simon MarlowChange the block representation (version bumped to...
2011-08-22  Simon Peyton JonesAdd a kind annotation on Graph'
2011-08-17  David TereiFix safe haskell issue with ghc 7.2.1
2011-08-15  David TereiUpdate hoopl to use Safe Haskell if GHC >= 7.2
2011-07-22  Norman Ramseyadded and exported liftFuel method of FuelMonadT
2011-07-18  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-18  Norman Ramseychange from Edward Yang to fix warning
2011-04-12  Edward Z. YangAdd mapGraph and related functions.
2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangFix premature termination of fixpoint iteration.
2011-03-30  Edward Z. YangMake local signature more restrictive, eliminates incom...
2011-01-19  Edward Z. YangFix warnings.
2010-12-25  Edward Z. YangMake Hoopl work with MonoLocalBinds.
2010-07-30  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of /home/nr/papers/simon...
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyrenamed forward 'add' function in Combinators.hs to...
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyremoved obsolete code from Dataflow.hs
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyexpunged BwdRew
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyclean up the typesetting in the appendices
2010-07-30  Norman Ramseyadded fixpoint in an appendix (for web version only)
2010-07-29  Norman Ramseyget implementation of 'block' from the code
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyreformatted and renamed code imported into the paper...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyfix bug in mkFactBase when labels are duplicated in...
2010-07-27  Norman Ramseyreplaced FwdGraphAndTail with an ordinary pair
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyPull the type signature and implementation of 'cat...
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyNo need to export FwdGraphAndTail, we think
2010-07-27  Norman RamseyPull 'node' signature from Dataflow.hs, also redo ...
2010-07-23  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseychange 'FwdRew' to 'FwdGraphAndTail'
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseyextract 'node' and 'ShapeLifter' from the real code
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseymigrate 'stdMapJoin' into Hoopl as 'joinMaps'
2010-07-22  Norman Ramseychange 'fixpoint' code to show the real thing in the...
2010-07-20  Norman RamseyAdded algebraic law on 'iter' and 'then'
2010-07-20  Norman Ramseyexposed FwdRew and BwdRew constructors. Perhaps we...
2010-07-20  Norman Ramseyreformatted some code for readability
2010-06-21  Norman RamseyCollect shape functions and classes in one place, perha...
2010-06-17  Norman Ramseyadded CheckpointMonad, which is now used in 'fixpoint...
2010-06-16  Norman Ramseyadded a new version of fixpoint that might be right
2010-06-16  Norman Ramseymigrated withFuel into rewrite functions, with pleasant...
2010-06-15  Norman Ramseyscrubbing gunk out of Combinators.hs
2010-06-15  Norman Ramseyscrubbed unused code from Combinators.hs
2010-06-15  Norman RamseySimpler constructor interface for rewriting; simpler...
2010-06-12  Joao DiasMerge branch 'three-eight' of linux:/r/c--/papers/dfopt...
2010-06-12  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-12  Norman RamseySmall improvements to section 5 (implementation)
2010-06-11  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-11  Norman Ramseysmall improvements and consistencies
2010-06-11  Simon Peyton JonesReformat fixpoint code to 55 columns
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseyrenamed @joinWithTop'@ to @extendJoinDomain@.
2010-06-10  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseychanged 'fmap' to 'liftM' where appropriate.
2010-06-10  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseybug fix: take union of bodies with 'bodyUnion' (detects...
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseyfor consistency with paper, don't use Body constructor...
2010-06-10  Norman Ramsey'body' and its type, and fixpoint's type, are now extra...
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseywibbles and deletions, and a Direction type for fixpoint
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseyvarious minor revisions
2010-06-10  Norman Ramsey---> Eviscerate the previous treatment of functions...
2010-06-09  Norman RamseyResponses to some but not all \simon's.
2010-06-09  unknownMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-09  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-08  Joao DiasYet another implementation of blockToNodeList, this...
2010-06-08  Norman Ramseyscrub old 'FwdRes' stuff; tests (such as they are)...
2010-06-08  Norman Ramseyrefactoring 'fixpoint' and other code for display in...
2010-06-08  Norman RamseyRenamed some types and functions to simplify explanatio...
2010-06-08  Norman RamseyFuel was (incorrectly) being consumed even when no...
2010-06-07  unknownMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-06-07  unknownMinor wibbles
2010-06-07  Norman RamseyThe 'Edges' type class is renamed 'NonLocal', and the...
2010-06-07  Norman RamseyClean up DataFlow lattice to be more readable and more...
2010-05-31  Simon Peyton JonesComment invariants in TxFactBase
2010-05-31  Simon Peyton JonesAdd comments on invariants of fixpoint loop
2010-05-19  Norman Ramseyduplicate John's fold using the Scott fold
2010-05-19  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'three-eight' of
2010-05-19  Norman RamseyscottFoldBlock is much nicer!
2010-05-19  Norman Ramseycomment mysterious newtypes
2010-05-19  Norman Ramseyclean up the grotesque block fold a little
2010-05-19  Norman Ramseysimplified fold by eliminating Trips datatype
2010-05-19  Norman Ramseyhorrible, horrible experiments with folds
2010-05-18  Milan StrakaAdding comment to blockToNodeList.
2010-05-17  Norman RamseyblockMapNodes and BlockMapNodes3 get their properly...
2010-05-17  Norman Ramseydeprecated more suspicious-looking functions
2010-05-17  Norman RamseyMoved 'joinOutFacts' to its proper place in XUtil and...
2010-05-16  Milan StrakaAdd bodyToBlockMap and bodyOfBlockMap.
2010-05-16  Milan StrakaAdd joinOutFacts function.
2010-05-16  Milan StrakaAdd blockToNodeList and blockOfNodeList.
2010-05-16  Milan StrakaAdd blockMapNodes and blockMapNodes3.
2010-05-16  Milan StrakaRename fold functions to use suffix 3.