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2010-07-27  Norman RamseyPull the type signature and implementation of 'cat...
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2010-07-23  Norman Ramseyextract 'node' and 'ShapeLifter' from the real code
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2010-07-23  Norman Ramseylooking at undefined IDs -- found some nasty bugs in...
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2010-06-12  Norman Ramseyrevision suitable for a web page
2010-06-12  Norman Ramseysubmission draft
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseymany defined and used identifiers
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2010-06-10  Norman Ramsey'body' and its type, and fixpoint's type, are now extra...
2010-06-10  Norman Ramseyvarious minor revisions
2010-06-10  Norman Ramsey---> Eviscerate the previous treatment of functions...
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2010-06-07  Norman Ramseystarting to describe implementation of 'arfGraph'
2010-06-07  Norman Ramseyadded note about WithTop, WithBot, and friends
2010-06-07  Norman RamseyClean up DataFlow lattice to be more readable and more...
2010-05-14  Norman Ramseystop building the supplement for the submission to...
2010-05-12  Norman RamseyCleaned up combinator examples for the paper.
2010-05-12  Norman Ramseyextract thenFwdRewrite from code for paper
2010-05-12  Norman RamseyConstant-propagation figure is now extracted automatica...
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