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2010-07-27  Norman RamseyExotic uses of fuel are possible without changing the...
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2010-07-26  Norman Ramseynotes from call with SImon
2010-07-26  unknownPara from Simon in Section 8 about handing off fuel...
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyfor comparison, a full monadic version of rewrite
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseythe success continuation could be nicer
2010-07-26  Norman RamseyFormal explanation of rewriting via CPS sketch (typechecks)
2010-07-26  Norman Ramseyrolled back 3 or 4 of Simon's edits, and cleaned up...
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2010-07-24  Norman RamseyIMPORTANT: explanation of rewriting without appeal...
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyBetter, more consistent examples of why the client...
2010-07-24  Norman RamseyCorrect (wrong) description of initial facts for consta...
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseybad parentheses! no biscuit!
2010-07-24  Norman Ramseybetter(?) explanation of the CkpointMonad constraint...
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2010-07-23  Norman Ramseystarting to tighten up discussion of the client monad
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseywordsmithing
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseya piece of 'joinMaps' that I missed on an earlier commit
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseyextract 'node' and 'ShapeLifter' from the real code
2010-07-23  Norman Ramseymigrate 'stdMapJoin' into Hoopl as 'joinMaps'
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2010-07-23  Joao DiasInverting the fuel-throttling section to explain the...
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2010-07-23  Norman Ramseythe referees are always right
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2010-07-22  Norman Ramseywibbles. even though I'm not British.
2010-07-22  Norman Ramseymove discussion of client monad closer to its ultimate...
2010-07-22  Norman Ramseythreaded the explanation of vpoiso and fuel a little...
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2010-07-22  Norman Ramseyparagraph in intro about why automated debugging is...
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2010-07-22  Joao DiasRemoved redundancy
2010-07-22  Joao DiasFormatting code consistently
2010-07-22  Joao DiasFactual errors in example
2010-07-22  Joao Diasvarious line edits on para motivating user monad
2010-07-22  Joao DiasReworking first mention of speculative rewrites
2010-07-22  Joao DiasMerge branch 'three-eight' of linux:/r/c--/papers/dfopt...
2010-07-22  Joao Diassome text motivating the user-defined monad
2010-07-22  Norman Ramseymore guff about why the client has its own monad
2010-07-22  Norman RamseyA sop to the SSA crowd.
2010-07-20  Joao DiasA couple of sentences on the most relevant related...
2010-07-20  Norman Ramseytagged new section in implementation to make it obvious...
2010-07-20  Norman RamseyAdded algebraic law on 'iter' and 'then'
2010-07-20  Norman Ramseyremoved stray \ifpagetuning
2010-07-20  Norman RamseyExplanations about the client monad, including 'checkpo...
2010-07-20  Norman Ramseyswitch to submission format (categories and subject...
2010-06-16  Norman Ramseymigrated withFuel into rewrite functions, with pleasant...
2010-06-15  Norman RamseySimpler constructor interface for rewriting; simpler...
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