add placeholder to try to restore the polymorphism story
[packages/hoopl.git] / prototypes /
2010-04-23  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'master' of /home/nr/papers/simon/dfopt...
2010-04-22  Joao DiasMerge branch 'master' of linux:/r/c--/papers/dfopt
2010-04-22  Norman RamseyMerge branch 'with-passes' of /home/nr/papers/simon...
2010-04-22  Norman RamseyMerge commit 'local-master/master' into with-passes
2010-04-22  Norman RamseyKeep a snapshot of the original Zipper.hs
2010-04-15  Norman Ramseyadded pass to compute dominators --- not yet tested
2010-04-05  Norman Ramseyadd copy of Hoopl7 back to prototypes subdir
2010-04-05  Norman Ramseyrename code