Update changelog for v3.10.2.2 release
[packages/hoopl.git] / README.md
2016-07-28  Edward Z. YangRemove crufty testcoverage flag for --enable-coverage. pr/coverage
2016-04-04  Ning WangMerge pull request #31 from bgamari/master
2016-02-01  Michal TerepetaUpdate README with the style guide information
2016-01-18  Alexander PankivRepo cleanup. Fixes #6
2015-05-05  Ning Wang1. add an option to enable the test coverage report...
2015-05-05  Ning Wangsync up and mergewith upstream
2015-04-27  Herbert Valerio... Add note about version bumping
2015-04-27  Herbert Valerio... Markdownify and extend README