2017-11-26  Neil MitchellAdd extra .ghci warning
2017-09-16  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #64 from bgamari/master
2017-09-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2017-08-19  Neil Mitchell#61, add changelog and version bumps
2017-08-19  Neil MitchellAdd developer notes
2017-08-19  Neil Mitchell#61, add the generated tests
2017-08-19  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #61 from SwiftsNamesake/master
2017-08-18  Jonatan H SundqvistRemoved manual tests and haddock explanations
2017-08-18  Jonatan H SundqvistAmended isExtensionOf and its haddock, updated tests
2017-08-16  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #62 from reactormonk/master
2017-08-16  Simon HafnercreateDirectoryIfMissing moved to System.Directory
2017-08-15  Jonatan H SundqvistThe long lost cousin of takeExtension has found its...
2017-08-01  Neil MitchellAdd that I test on GHC 8.2
2017-06-18  Neil MitchellAllow QuickCheck 2.10
2017-05-27  Neil MitchellUpdate appveyor.yml
2017-05-10  Neil MitchellUpdate to use curl to fetch the initial script
2017-05-10  Neil MitchellTry testing with GHC 8.2
2017-05-10  Neil MitchellNow works with GHC HEAD
2017-05-10  Neil MitchellUpdate the Travis file
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellAdd a .hlint.yaml file
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellHLint inspired cleanups
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellIgnore HLint hints in the generated tests
2017-03-22  Neil MitchellFind curl in appveyor
2017-02-02  Neil MitchellTest with GHC 8.0.2 v1.4.1.2
2017-02-02  Neil MitchellNew release for GHC 8.2.1
2017-02-02  Neil MitchellUpdate the copyright year
2016-11-18  Neil MitchellRequire cabal 1.18
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump upper bound on base
2016-11-15  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #55 from haskell/bgamari-patch-1
2016-11-14  Ben GamariSpelling fix bgamari-patch-1
2016-11-14  Neil MitchellVersion v1.4.1.1
2016-11-14  Neil Mitchell#54, document the behaviour of <.> with an empty extension
2016-11-14  Neil MitchellAvoid the redundant Test which just wraps a Property
2016-09-25  Neil MitchellSwitch to default-language: 2010
2016-09-25  Neil MitchellMove the cabal-version to the top of the file, feels...
2016-09-25  Neil MitchellAllow QuickCheck-2.9
2016-09-25  Neil MitchellReset the Cabal version to 1.10, so as not to unnecessa...
2016-09-18  Neil MitchellRequire cabal 1.18 for extra-doc-files
2016-09-18  Neil MitchellInclude GHC 8.0 on the test matrix
2016-09-18  Neil MitchellUpdate the copyright year
2015-12-28  Neil MitchellAdd dependency to flush appveyor cache (again)
2015-12-28  Neil MitchellAdd in the release date v1.4.1.0
2015-12-23  Neil MitchellMention which version of GHC this is bundled with
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellImprove the docs for stripExtension
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellFix documentation markup in </>
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellPut the source repo bit higher up in the Cabal file...
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellAllow QuickCheck 2.9
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellGHC 7.8 and earlier compatibility
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, add stripExtension
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, allow the tests to make use of Maybe functions
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, make the generator aware of some more Prelude...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#42, add replaceExtensions
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#48, tweak the docs following suggestion from @rwbarton
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellTemporarily allow GHC head failures, since I don't...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#47, isValid now detects invalid files like "nul .txt...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#47, make isValid detect more invalid characters
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#47, reformat badElements so it's easier to see what...
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellRemove cache clearing
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellFlush the appveyor cache
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #52 from hvr/pr/other-extensions
2015-12-22  Herbert Valerio... other-extensions hygiene
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellUpdate the changelog
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, add @rwbarton's intuition/example, translated...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, change to use </> in all the docs
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, document the specific case requested in the ticket
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#12, note that this library helps move towards an abstr...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, move the docs from combine to </>, which is the...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, move the docs from </> to combine, so its all...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, fix up the Haddock markup in the docs for combine
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#50, document makeRelative and explain why it doesn...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#12, add notes on why FilePath isn't abstract
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#51, add some documentation around splitSearchPath
2015-12-18  Neil MitchellDon't allow GHC HEAD failures
2015-11-02  Neil MitchellUpdate the version number
2015-11-01  Herbert Valerio... Relax upper bound on `base` to allow base-4.9
2015-10-28  Neil MitchellUpdated badges
2015-10-27  Neil MitchellUse the correct stack command
2015-10-26  Neil MitchellAllow testsuite failures on GHC HEAD
2015-10-26  Neil MitchellMove the doc files to extra-doc-files
2015-10-26  Neil MitchellCreate appveyor.yml
2015-05-20  Neil Mitchell#46, fix a documentation mistake
2015-05-14  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #45 from kraai/patch-1
2015-05-14  kraaiFix the spelling of "example"
2015-04-23  Neil Mitchell#44, clarify that isValid doesn't check length limits
2015-04-23  Neil Mitchell#44, isValid \0 now returns False
2015-03-12  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of v1.4.0.0
2015-03-12  Neil MitchellGHC 7.8.4
2015-03-11  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #41 from Rufflewind/master
2015-03-11  Phil RuffwindRefer to `makeAbsolute` instead of `canonicalizePath...
2015-03-10  Neil MitchellUpdate version to in preparation for GHC 7...
2015-03-09  Neil MitchellDelete the random constraint, was not required
2015-03-09  Neil MitchellTighten the QuickCheck lower bound on the test suite...
2015-03-09  Neil MitchellUpdate the copyright year to 2015
2015-03-09  Neil MitchellTest on GHC 7.10.1
2014-12-13  Neil MitchellFixup markdown
2014-11-21  Neil MitchellAvoid using isJust/fromJust, switch to pattern guards
2014-11-21  Neil MitchellChange to https links
2014-11-10  Neil MitchellWhen there is a failure, show the QuickCheck output...
2014-11-10  Neil Mitchell#22, put back in some makeRelative tests, far more...