GHC 8.4.3 tested-with
[packages/filepath.git] / Generate.hs
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellHLint inspired cleanups
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellIgnore HLint hints in the generated tests
2016-11-14  Neil MitchellAvoid the redundant Test which just wraps a Property
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, make the generator aware of some more Prelude...
2014-11-10  Neil MitchellNote that any is a Prelude function
2014-11-10  Neil Mitchell#9, add -<.> as an alias for replaceExtension
2014-11-03  Neil MitchellAdd a note that TestGen is generated
2014-11-03  Neil MitchellImprove the formatting of the generated code, makes...
2014-11-03  Neil Mitchell#37, rewrite the generator
2014-11-02  Neil MitchellMake off the things in the generator which are utilities
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRemove the Expr constructor from the Generate module
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellAlways generate test, and always use quickCheck even...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellOnly write out a new generated file if it has changed
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellAd a new Test module to sit in front of the generated...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRename AutoTest to TestUtil
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellChange the generated file to be in module Test
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRename FilePath_Test to Test
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellBasic generator cleanups
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellChange the generator to write a file with Unix line...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellMove the generator