Using GHC 8.6.3 in tested-with
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2017-09-16  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #64 from bgamari/master
2017-08-19  Neil Mitchell#61, add the generated tests
2017-08-18  Jonatan H SundqvistRemoved manual tests and haddock explanations
2017-08-18  Jonatan H SundqvistAmended isExtensionOf and its haddock, updated tests
2017-08-15  Jonatan H SundqvistThe long lost cousin of takeExtension has found its...
2017-05-02  Neil MitchellIgnore HLint hints in the generated tests
2016-11-14  Neil Mitchell#54, document the behaviour of <.> with an empty extension
2016-11-14  Neil MitchellAvoid the redundant Test which just wraps a Property
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, add stripExtension
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#43, allow the tests to make use of Maybe functions
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#42, add replaceExtensions
2015-12-22  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#47, isValid now detects invalid files like "nul .txt...
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#47, make isValid detect more invalid characters
2015-12-22  Neil Mitchell#49, change to use </> in all the docs
2015-04-23  Neil Mitchell#44, isValid \0 now returns False
2014-11-10  Neil MitchellWhen there is a failure, show the QuickCheck output...
2014-11-10  Neil Mitchell#22, put back in some makeRelative tests, far more...
2014-11-10  Neil Mitchell#10, more concrete examples
2014-11-10  Neil MitchellIf there is an error, show the messages again at the...
2014-11-10  Neil Mitchell#9, add -<.> as an alias for replaceExtension
2014-11-03  Neil MitchellAdd a note that TestGen is generated
2014-11-03  Neil MitchellImprove the generator
2014-11-03  Neil MitchellTurn off chatty tests, otherwise we exceed the travis...
2014-11-03  Neil Mitchell#37, let the generator take an argument of the number...
2014-11-03  Neil Mitchell#37, rewrite the generator
2014-11-02  Neil MitchellAdd newtypes for valid paths on Windows and Posix,...
2014-11-02  Neil MitchellAdd an explicit export list to the generator
2014-11-02  Neil MitchellRemove the QChar type, rewrite an arbitraryFilePath...
2014-11-01  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #36 from thomie/searchPath
2014-11-01  Thomas MiedemaRemove double quotes around searchPath elements on...
2014-11-01  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #35 from thomie/splitExtensions
2014-10-31  Thomas MiedemaAdd 'Valid x =>' to splitExtension(s) QuickCheck proper...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellAlways generate test, and always use quickCheck even...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellAd a new Test module to sit in front of the generated...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRename AutoTest to TestUtil
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRemove missing imports from AutoTest
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellChange the generated file to be in module Test
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellRename FilePath_Test to Test
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellDelete all the GHC test suite stuff, FilePath is now...
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellMove the generator
2014-10-29  Neil MitchellCheck in the filepath tests
2014-10-28  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #33 from thomie/arbitrary
2014-10-28  Thomas MiedemaRemove "|bcd123" from character set for tests (#15)
2014-10-28  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #31 from thomie/output
2014-10-28  Thomas MiedemaquickSafe: do not call show on already escaped output...
2014-10-27  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #26 from thomie/makeRelative
2014-10-26  Thomas MiedemaAllow multiple "Valid =>" clauses in QuickCheck properties
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'normalise' of
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #20 from thomie/takeDirectory
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #19 from thomie/splitDirectories
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #17 from thomie/fix-isDrive-empty
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'isValid' of
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge pull request #16 from thomie/equalFilePath
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellAdd a shrink method for QFilePath
2014-10-26  Neil MitchellMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-26  Neil Mitchell#15, increase 100x the number of property tests
2014-10-19  Neil MitchellReformat whitespace
2014-10-19  Neil MitchellRemove dead code
2014-10-19  Neil Mitchell#4, make sure the tests fail if there is an error
2014-10-19  Neil Mitchell#4, make QFilePath have the right set Char instance
2014-06-26  Herbert Valerio... add testsuite-related gitignore entries
2013-10-18  Herbert Valerio... Markdownify `` and remove obsolete `.bat`s
2013-06-13  Ian LynaghTest cleaning fixes
2012-01-20  Ian LynaghQuote path to GHC in tests/Makefile
2011-08-28  Ian LynaghAdd the FilePath tests to the GHC testsuite