last changeWed, 29 Oct 2014 09:27:20 +0000 (09:27 +0000)
2 days ago  Neil MitchellRemove the Expr constructor from the Generate module master
2 days ago  Neil MitchellAlways generate test, and always use quickCheck even...
2 days ago  Neil MitchellOnly write out a new generated file if it has changed
2 days ago  Neil MitchellAd a new Test module to sit in front of the generated...
2 days ago  Neil MitchellRename AutoTest to TestUtil
2 days ago  Neil MitchellRemove missing imports from AutoTest
2 days ago  Neil MitchellFix up the .ghci file so it loads the tests
2 days ago  Neil MitchellChange the generated file to be in module Test
2 days ago  Neil MitchellSimplify the :docs_ target
2 days ago  Neil MitchellUse W and P for the qualifications in ghci, so its...
2 days ago  Neil MitchellLoad the generator into ghci
2 days ago  Neil MitchellRename FilePath_Test to Test
2 days ago  Neil MitchellDelete all the GHC test suite stuff, FilePath is now...
2 days ago  Neil MitchellBasic generator cleanups
2 days ago  Neil MitchellChange the generator to write a file with Unix line...
2 days ago  Neil MitchellAdd a travis.hs script to ensure the generator ran
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