2010-11-13  Ben Lippmeierbuildbot: allow failure messages to be sent to an alter...
2010-11-12  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add support for uploading results via scp
2010-11-12  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add cmd for sending test mails
2010-11-11  benl@ouroborus.netthis time for sure
2010-11-11  benl@ouroborus.netwibble dependencies
2010-11-09  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: buildbox prints total test count in its own...
2010-11-09  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: only report benchmarks that moved by a specif...
2010-11-05  benl@ouroborus.netUpdate for buildbox 1.3
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netexamples: update cabal file
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netNormalise names of noslow benchmarks
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netCompile DPH seq examples with -threaded so we get the...
2010-11-04  benl@ouroborus.netUpdate names of benchmarks
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: don't hack noslow numbers
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netbuildbot: add NoSlow support
2010-11-03  benl@ouroborus.netexamples: add dph-seq versions
2010-11-01  benl@ouroborus.netMove DPH buildbot into DPH tree
2010-11-01  benl@ouroborus.netAlso build seq versions of examples
2010-11-01  benl@ouroborus.netRemove old scratch dir
2010-11-01  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: add to cabal file
2010-10-31  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: move modules around
2010-10-31  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd omitted rules for fsts, snds and zip
2010-10-31  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd forgotten #include
2010-10-31  Roman LeshchinskiyBump version of dph-prim-interface to match other dph...
2010-10-31  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: allow dump of final positions with --dump-final
2010-10-31  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: tweak cmd line args, and handle --max-steps...
2010-10-31  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: Split out solver wrappers into their own module.
2010-10-30  Roman LeshchinskiyFix quickhull
2010-10-29  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: cleanup arg parsing and add --max-steps
2010-10-26  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: tweak default parameters
2010-10-26  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: add vectorised version
2010-10-26  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: allow time step to be set directly
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: find initial bounds using vector fold
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: bugfixes to list and vector solvers
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: Start on vector version
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: optimise the list version a bit
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: draw centroids in visualisation
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: allow body mass to be set on cmd line
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netnbody: add cmd line arg interface
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netBarnesHut: cleanups
2010-10-22  benl@ouroborus.netBarnesHut: move modules around
2010-10-21  benl@ouroborus.netShow BH tree in visualisation
2010-10-21  benl@ouroborus.netCleanup n-body code
2010-10-21  benl@ouroborus.netAdd gloss visualisation of naive n-body algorithm
2010-10-19  benl@ouroborus.netMove broken examples out of the way
2010-10-19  benl@ouroborus.netAdd primes and sumsquares
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netAdd dotp to dph-examples
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netAdd QuickSort to dph-examples
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netMake C version of QuickHull emit same output
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netAdd missing head files to QuickHull example
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netUse faster random number generation
2010-10-18  benl@ouroborus.netAdd dph-quickhull-vector to cabal file
2010-10-14  benl@ouroborus.netAdd C and Vector Quickhull versions to dph-examples
2010-10-17  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug spotted by SimonPJ
2010-10-14  benl@ouroborus.netUse mslice instead of mdrop in joinD
2010-10-14  benl@ouroborus.netAdd evens example
2010-10-13  benl@ouroborus.netShift examples to spectral dir
2010-10-13  benl@ouroborus.netWe're not using :*: anymore
2010-10-13  benl@ouroborus.netBump version numbers for DPH 0.5
2010-10-13  benl@ouroborus.netHacks on BarnesHut list version
2010-09-24  Ian LynaghHide some deps when cleaning
2010-09-23  Simon MarlowAdd a dph meta-package, so you can say "cabal install...
2010-09-23  Simon MarlowAdd Makefile code for building Cabal packages.
2010-09-23  Roman LeshchinskiyUse vector 0.7 instead of arrays from dph-base
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiySlight optimisation
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug in extractPR<PArray a>
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Float to prelude
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyMake the type of tags configurable and use Word8 instea...
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyDelete dead code
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghAdd a couple more files used by the GHC build system
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comUpdate for change in TH Info type
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netStart making cleaned up version of Barnes-Hutt in dph...
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netComments to QuickHull example
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netRemove cabal spec for MergeSort
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netFollow move in cabal file
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netMove quickhull files in dph-examples
2010-09-14  benl@ouroborus.netMove unfinished examples out of the way
2010-09-09  benl@ouroborus.netEnable SEQ_IF_GANG_BUSY
2010-08-27  benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting only
2010-09-07  benl@ouroborus.netStart on bit-reversal code for Batcher merge sort
2010-09-06  benl@ouroborus.netUse offset and stride in mergesort example
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd type signatures for local declarations
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netmergesort: add list versions to cmd line interface
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netmergesort: add more PArray wrappers
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netAdd mergesort to dph-examples cabal file
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netFormatting
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netFormatting of import lists
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netCheck size of input is a power of two in mergesort...
2010-09-03  benl@ouroborus.netAdd first cut Batcher merge sort example
2010-09-02  benl@ouroborus.netStart on Batcher merge sort example
2010-09-02  benl@ouroborus.netAdd svg support to quickhull
2010-09-02  benl@ouroborus.netStart moving examples to dph-examples package
2010-09-02  benl@ouroborus.netAdd version of words benchmark to dph examples, it...
2010-07-24  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug in last enumFromToUP patch
2010-07-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite enumFromToUP to avoid creating join points...
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove bang which got in the way of fusion
2010-06-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd bang to avoid triggering LiberateCase
2010-07-24  benl@ouroborus.netMoar inline
2010-07-24  benl@ouroborus.netTrack changes in DPH
2010-07-21  simonpj@microsoft.comTake account of ListT and TupleT in TH.Syntax
2010-07-15  Simon Marlowfix a multi-target rule causing failures for 'make -j'