2009-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd regular segmented replicate
2009-08-11  Ian LynaghFix "Cabal check" warnings
2009-08-11  keller@cse... Added dummy module (Foo.hs) to circumvent buildsys...
2009-08-11  keller@cse... Fixed dependencies in makefile
2009-08-11  keller@cse... Fixed hierarchical matrices
2009-07-30  keller@cse... Hierarchical array multiplication
2009-07-30  keller@cse... Added delayed array evaluation
2009-07-21  keller@cse... Generation of test values outside of benchmakr
2009-07-21  keller@cse... Added missing test file for regular arrays
2009-07-21  keller@cse... Added regular array operations & examples
2009-07-20  Roman LeshchinskiyFix dotp and smvm
2009-07-19  keller@cse... Added default backpermute
2009-07-13  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd missing file
2009-07-13  Roman LeshchinskiySeparate length from data in array representation
2009-06-18  Simon Marlowfix FFI import of __hscore_memcpy_dst_off, and add... 2009-06-25
2009-06-11  Simon MarlowUpdate to work with the new IO library internals
2009-06-10  Ian LynaghUse OPTIONS_GHC rather than GHC_OPTIONS and OPTIONS...
2009-06-03  Ian LynaghUse bang patterns on unlifted bindings
2009-05-24  Ian LynaghMake the dph packages more consistent with everything...
2009-05-19  Manuel M T... Completed the quickhull benchmark
2009-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of foldlSU
2009-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure replicatelPA_Int# is inlined
2009-05-17  Manuel M T... Benchmark driver script
2009-05-15  Manuel M T... Adapt examples makefile to new build locations
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghFix bindists and installation of dph
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghCopy LICENSE to the root to make GHC's build system...
2009-05-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd ghc-stage files
2009-05-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt to new build system
2009-04-28  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bug in replicateSUP
2009-04-28  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd accessors for distributed segment descriptors
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyUse -fsimplifier-phases=3 for sumsq
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMake mkClosure CONLIKE and add a rule for mkClosure...
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure GHC can figure out the strictness of foldlU
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyHack around segdPA# not being inlined
2009-04-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd rules for Segd operations
2009-04-23  Roman LeshchinskiyMark copyMBU as INLINE
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyResolve conflicts
2009-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SUArr
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyNuke D.A.P.Unlifted.Sequential.Segmented.Stream
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove streamSU and unstreamSU
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SStream and friends
2009-04-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove SArray and related functions from the backend...
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyUse -fsimplifier-phases=3 for matmult
2009-04-21  keller@cse... Added regular fold, sum (parallel and sequential)
2009-04-14  keller@cse... Added regular segmented foldValuesR
2009-04-14  keller@cse... Changes to MatrixMult
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a couple of INLINE pragmas
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd defines for fusion phases
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd repeatCUP
2009-03-25  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite repeatCU
2009-03-24  keller@cse... Changed segd in MatrixPrim
2009-03-24  keller@cse... Fixed repeatCUS
2009-03-23  Roman LeshchinskiyFix comment
2009-03-23  Roman LeshchinskiyFix repeatUP
2009-03-23  keller@cse... fixed bug in mmult
2009-03-23  keller@cse... added Matrix.hs
2009-03-23  keller@cse... Fixed fn names
2009-03-20  keller@cse... Fixed enumFromStepLenEach bug, added example
2009-03-18  keller@cse... Added enumFromStepLenEach
2009-03-19  Roman LeshchinskiyMake replicate CONLIKE
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a CORE pragma which helps GHC + hack to optimise...
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a couple of rules for optimising smvm
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyChange zipWithSUP and mapSUP to what smvm likes
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd fold{_s|SU|SUP}' which is strict in the segd and...
2009-03-09  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a rule for replicatePA_Int# because GHC won't inline it
2009-03-09  Roman Leshchinskiy Pass the length of the argument array explicity to...
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyCompletely wrong rewrite rule, just to make smvm happy
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyUse -fsimplifier-phases=3 when compiling smvm
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd export
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiySmall refactoring
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyA couple of strictness fixes
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd strictness annotation
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd seperate INLINE_BACKEND phase for stuff from Data...
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyExport and use enumFromStepLen
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd repeatcPR
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd repeatCU/repeat_c
2009-03-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd rule for foldValuesSS/SStream
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd zip3S
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite bpermuteU slightly
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of repeatU
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd strictness annotation
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFix strictness of bpermutePA and add extractPA
2009-03-07  Roman LeshchinskiyFix ddummy definition of fromNestedPArrayP
2009-03-06  Manuel M T... Adapted Quickhull example to new framework
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUse concatSU instead of flattenSU everywhere and remove...
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd scalar_zipWith3
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyMove module
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyRename stuff
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyMove more code
2009-03-06  Roman LeshchinskiyMove code
2009-03-05  Manuel M T... Examples use an extra -funfolding-use-threshold30
2009-03-05  Roman LeshchinskiyHack around problem in enumFromToPA_Int
2009-03-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd important strictness annotation
2009-03-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd temporary RULE to support sumsq
2009-03-05  Manuel M T... C implementation of sumsq (sequential)
2009-03-05  Manuel M T... Revamped sumsq benchmark
2009-03-05  Manuel M T... Fixed the clean target for examples/
2009-03-04  Manuel M T... Adapted smvm to new framework
2009-03-04  Roman LeshchinskiyMake [M]Dist an data type family instead of a GADT
2009-03-03  Manuel M T... Extend DPH_Header/Interface a little